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Carly Phillips is the Kendall Fellow for Protecting Carbon in Alaska’s Boreal Forests with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Her work focuses on protecting carbon in boreal forests, specifically as wildfires increasingly threaten these ecosystems in Alaska. Dr. Phillips is leading a two-year collaboration between UCS and the Woods Hole Research Center that combines predictive modeling with economic analysis to weigh the cost of fire suppression against the social cost of large-scale carbon release. See Carly's full bio.

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How Alaska’s Recent Heat Wave May Worsen Climate Warming

Over the holiday weekend, three cities in Alaska experienced record heat with temperatures in Anchorage reaching 90°F. In a city where local July temperatures averaged 61°F in 2018, this extreme heat illustrates the dramatic effects of climate change in northern regions of the world. These record-breaking temperatures, however, could further intensify climate warming by priming Alaskan landscapes to release carbon and heat-trapping gases in two major ways. Read more >

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Winning at Climate Change: an Arctic and Boreal Story

Climate change is definitely not a competition, but if it were, arctic tundra and boreal forests would be crushing it by getting hotter and changing faster than the rest of the world. Read more >

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Photo: BLM Alaska Fire Service

The Vicious Climate-Wildfire Cycle

We have the knowledge and skills to break the cycle. Will we? Read more >

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Maps Lie. Beyoncé Doesn’t

To fully appreciate how maps inform our understanding of Earth’s most basic geography, we need to project an image of known dimensions… Read more >

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Photo: Jason Leem/Unsplash

Saturday Night Live and the Land Carbon Sink

Saturday Night Live (SNL) premiered a music video last weekend that was all about trees and climate change. And it resonated, because I also love trees. Chris Redd and Pete Davidson wrote the ecological anthem I didn’t know I needed (warning – video contains strong language).

Read more >

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