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Dave Cooke is a senior vehicles analyst in the Clean Vehicles Program, specializing in both light- and heavy-duty fuel economy. He conducts research on fuel efficiency technologies and the implications for oil consumption and greenhouse gas emissions across the transportation sector. See Dave's full bio.

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Trump Administration Just Can’t Stop Lying About Vehicle Standards

Today, Secretary Elaine Chao (Department of Transportation) and Administrator Andrew Wheeler (EPA) officially released their attack on California’s Advanced Clean Car standards, which reduce global warming emissions and tailpipe pollution from new cars and require manufacturers to sell a minimum number of electric vehicles in the state. 13 other states and the District of Columbia have signed on to this program, but the Trump administration is now revoking California’s waiver to administer this program.

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How the Honda CR-V Can Get Back on Top in 2025

Utility vehicles are all the rage these days, outselling cars nearly 2:1. So it only makes sense in our second blog in a series on how automakers can meet the 2025 standards to focus on one of the best-selling utility vehicles on the market, the Honda CR-V. While this year its sales have dipped slightly below its Toyota rival, the next generation Honda CR-V could put one of the most long-running utility vehicle nameplates back on top, in both fuel economy AND sales.

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Photo: Honda
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The next generation of the sporty Jetta GLI and its traditional Jetta counterpart could see a nearly 25 percent reduction in global warming emissions, meeting the 2025 standards and saving consumers thousands of dollars in fuel. Photo: VW

Today’s Vehicles, Tomorrow: How Automakers Can Meet Strong 2025 Efficiency Standards

Four years ago, we noted that auto manufacturers were well on their way to meeting the 2025 vehicle efficiency standards set under the previous administration, with a number of vehicles  overachieving on their targets. Since then, manufacturers have squandered that head start and pushed for a rollback of the standards. This is the first post in a blog series on how manufacturers can, and should, get back on track.

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Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board, announced an agreement last week between the state of California and four automakers to make their vehicles significantly more efficient than would be required under the Trump administration’s rollback. Photo: Emmett Institute/Flickr

Four Automakers Stand Firm With California Against a Trump Administration Rollback

Last week, California’s governor and lead regulator announced an agreement with four automakers (BMW, Ford, Honda, and Volkswagen) on vehicle emissions standards that exceed anything the Trump administration has proposed, though it remains lower than what is on the books today.

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Photo: Emmett Institute/Flickr
Mary Nichols @ Twitter
brionv @ Flickr
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Trump Administration Dramatically Reduces Penalties for Auto Inefficiency

In a Friday news dump last week, the Trump administration announced that they will be finalizing a reduction in fines for missing fuel economy targets. Not only is the administration working to roll back the strong standards set in place by the previous administration currently driving efficiency improvements across new vehicles, but now they are letting automakers off the hook if they miss targets between now and when that rollback goes into effect.

This action is par for the course for this administration, which is doing whatever it can to increase pollution and oil use. Read more >

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