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Derrick Z. Jackson is a UCS Fellow in climate and energy and the Center for Science and Democracy. His UCS blog won a 2018 first prize from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. He is co-author and photographer of Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock (Yale University Press, 2015). See Derrick's full bio.

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Raw Sewage and Forever Chemicals: The Trump Administration’s Growing Waterworld Debacle

The EPA is relaxing requirements for cities to build proper sewage infrastructure and more sites are being reported with high levels of toxic PFAS chemicals. The evidence is spewing in about how foul our water will be under the Trump administration’s new water rules. Read more >

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EPA’s New Water Rule a Mockery of Science and the Clean Water Act

The Trump administration’s new Navigable Waters Protection rule removes protections for half of the nation’s wetlands, nearly 20 percent of streams, and goes against all scientific sense. Read more >

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The Trump Administration’s Latest: A Plan to Foul the Alaska Arctic

In a complete disregard for science, conservation, and climate change, the administration has released a draft plan that could allow oil and gas operations on more than 17 million acres in Alaska’s Arctic. Read more >

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Natural Gas vs. Renewable Energy: Beware the Latest Gas Industry Talking Points

The natural gas industry is on an aggressive public relations tear to convince Americans that for decades to come, it is the “bridge” between coal and renewable energy.

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The Biggest Casualty of Trump’s Dorian Deceit: Our Common Bonds

President Trump’s lies to corroborate his false claim that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama caused a destructive gale of its own. With this attack on science, Trump ripped at a thread of our nation’s social fabric—the weather.

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