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Elliott handles media relations for the Nuclear Power and Global Security programs. He also regularly writes for AlterNet, EcoWatch and other publications on UCS-related topics. See Elliott's full bio.

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Ride hailing from Metrolink

Ask a Scientist: When It Comes to Addressing Pollution and Congestion, Are Ride-Hailing Services Taking Us for a Ride?

A new UCS study examines the impact of ride-hailing companies on seven U.S. cities and found that they increase carbon emissions, worsen air quality, and cause more traffic congestion. The study—the first to quantify the pollution from ride-hailing—found that the average ride-hailing trip emits nearly 70 percent more carbon pollution than the trip it replaces. I asked Elizabeth Irvin, a transportation expert, to explain in more detail what local authorities are doing and what users can do. Read more >

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Ask a Scientist: How Trump Administration Policies Harm Children

According to our new report, the Trump administration is arguably the weakest defender of children in modern history. “Endangering Generations: How the Trump Administration’s Assault on Science is Harming Children’s Health,” documents how this administration’s rollback of bedrock environmental, health and safety standards has exposed children to more poisons in the food they eat, the water they drink, and the air that they breathe, and will potentially condemn them to suffer the worst consequences of climate change due to its unwillingness to acknowledge the threat, let alone address it. Lead report author Genna Reed’s interest in this topic is both professional and personal. She’s the top science and policy analyst for the UCS Center for Science and Democracy as well as the mother of a 16-month-old. “I’m a typical mom,” she says. “I want to protect my child, and parents should be able to trust that the government is making smart decisions about their children’s health and welfare. Our children should come first.” Read more >

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Ask a Scientist: The Importance of Being a Voter

With primaries underway across the country in advance of the November elections, it’s a good time to chat with Michael Latner, an associate professor at California Polytechnic State University and UCS’s first Kendall voting rights fellow. Michael’s award-winning academic work has largely focused on how redistricting, gerrymandering and electoral laws influence political representation. During his two-year UCS fellowship, he has broadened the scope of his research to include the impact of electoral system bias on public health and environmental protection, two key UCS priorities. Read more >

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Renewables and Storage Could Revolutionize our Electric Power System

Taking the right steps now will make our electricity grid cleaner, more reliable, and more affordable. Read more >

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A wide range of stakeholders from across the country met in December 2018 to develop a set of principles to ensure equitable deployment of energy storage technologies. (Photo: Megan Rising/UCS)

Ask a Scientist: How to Ensure Underserved Communities Benefit from Energy Storage

This month’s Ask a Scientist column takes a look at how the revolution in energy storage technology has the potential to wean the United States off fossil fuel-powered electricity and—if implemented correctly—lower residential electric bills, strengthen resilience to power outages, and clean up the air in communities where dirty power plants are usually located. Read more >

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