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Elliott handles media relations for the Nuclear Power and Global Security programs. He also regularly writes for AlterNet, EcoWatch and other publications on UCS-related topics. See Elliott's full bio.

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Ask a Scientist: What Must the Biden Administration Do to Protect Federal Science?

To get an idea of what the Biden administration could do to strengthen scientific integrity policies and stop political appointees from running roughshod over career federal scientists in future administrations, I turned to the lead author of our “Roadmap for Science in Decisionmaking,” Jacob Carter, a research scientist who worked at the EPA before joining UCS in 2017. Read more >

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People had to wait in long lines to vote early in Decatur, Georgia, on October 12, 2020. Ben Gray/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

Ask a Scientist: Voter Suppression 101: An Introduction to a Stain on US Democracy

Heading into the election next month, it’s an opportune time to take a look at an issue that has been generating headlines over the past few months: voter suppression. Read more >

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ExxonMobil pledged $5 million to help pay for renovating the US Chamber of Commerce’s headquarters (above) in Washington, despite the fact that the Chamber opposes government action on climate change. Elliott Negin

ExxonMobil Claims Shift on Climate But Continues to Fund Climate Science Deniers

After decades of public denial, ExxonMobil now acknowledges that “the risk of climate change is real” and says it is “committed to being part of the solution,” at least according to the company’s website and statements. Read more >

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Ask a Scientist: Nearly Everything You Want to Know about Climate Lawsuits

Given the growing number of climate lawsuits, I thought it would be helpful to ask L. Delta Merner, who runs our new Science Hub for Climate Litigation, to provide some details about the Science Hub, the different types of climate lawsuits, and how scientists determine which companies are responsible for climate damage. Read more >

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Satellite view of Gulf of Mexico

Ask an Expert: Reviving the Gulf of Mexico’s Dead Zone

Speaking to UCS Food and Environment Program economist Rebecca Boehm, about Reviving the Dead Zone, a report released this summer that provides the first comprehensive assessment of the Gulf of Mexico dead zone’s economic impact, and warns the root problem—agricultural nutrient pollution—will likely worsen due to climate change. The dead zone causes as much as $2.4 billion in damage to fisheries and marine habitat every year, the report found, but there are proven ways to clean it up that would benefit farmers and the fishing industry alike. Read more >

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