Francesca Grifo

Former science policy fellow

Francesca Grifo is an expert on political interference in science and practices to ensure transparency and integrity at the intersection of science and policy. In addition, Dr. Grifo has more than 30 years of experience in environmental issues including biodiversity conservation, environmental education and global change and human health. She holds a Ph.D. in botany.

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Measuring Progress on Scientific Integrity Two Years Later

Two years ago today, John Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, sent a memorandum to government leaders regarding one of the president’s early priorities: creating strong scientific integrity standards within the executive branch in order to prevent political interference in science. Read more >

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Clarifying How General Electric Influences Climate Science and Policy

When we write a report at UCS, we make the full methodology and all relevant data that went into the report available, so that others may understand how and why we draw our conclusions. Anyone may review our methods and suggest improvements; in this way, those who read the report can have confidence in our recommendations.

This was especially important with regard to A Climate of Corporate Control, our investigation that examined how leading U.S. companies influence public and policymaker understanding of climate science and support for climate change policy action. We gathered data from a great many sources, including company websites, tax filings, comments on government findings, annual reports, shareholder actions, congressional testimony, leaked documents, and interviews with company executives.

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New Report Details What Should Happen When Scientists at FDA Disagree

Should scientists at the Food and Drug Administration be able to have honest disputes with their colleagues about the science behind a drug or medical device approval decision? Or should they keep quiet about their concerns, preferring not to rock the boat? Read more >

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Why Must NASA Scientific Integrity Policy be so Daunting and Difficult to Navigate?

In an email yesterday to NASA employees (reproduced below), NASA Chief Scientist Waleed Abdalati reaffirmed the agency’s commitment to scientific integrity, touting the scientific integrity policy NASA finalized in December.  If only the scientists who work there could navigate through it. Read more >

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As Earth Day Approaches, Nighttime Images of the Gulf of Mexico Recall the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Today marks the second anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, the world’s largest accidental release of oil in marine waters. And an interactive—and amazing—nighttime satellite image developed with U.S. government data should remind us of the extent to which we are invested in infrastructure in and around the Gulf of Mexico. Read more >

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