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Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

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Gretchen Goldman is a research director in the Center for Science and Democracy at UCS. She holds a PhD and MS in environmental engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in atmospheric science from Cornell University. See Gretchen's full bio.

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A New Day for Science: President Biden’s Big Plan for Scientific Integrity And What Comes Next

Today, the Biden Administration releases a presidential memo on scientific integrity and evidence-based policymaking, setting the stage for the administration’s efforts to build back from the Trump administration’s unprecedented assault on science and strengthen protections for science and scientists across the government. This is big and it puts science on the agenda like never before. Here’s my take on today’s bold actions and what we should watch in the coming months and years. Read more >

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John Klossner

Science After Trump: What We Learned and How the Biden Administration Can Build Back

I have studied science used and misused by US presidents for a decade, but the Trump era kicked that work to a new level. In less than four years, we have logged more than 160 attacks on science (and counting)—more than any other president in the last seven decades. From ignoring evidence of harm to gagging federal scientists to suppressing inconvenient science, the administration has disrespected the crucial role that science and technical experts have long played across the government, under both parties, to protect public health, safety, and the environment. Now we must rebuild and build better at the same time. Read more >

John Klossner
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Hysterectomies at an ICE Facility and the Complicity of Science in Reproductive Rights Violations

This month, news broke alleging that an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Georgia is performing medically unnecessary hysterectomies in immigrant women. A whistleblower has come forward claiming that a doctor at the facility is known as a “uterus collector” and several women have said they had hysterectomies performed on them without explanation. Today further details and more firsthand accounts have emerged. The allegations must be fully investigated, but it is clear that the scientific community must not be silent about these horrific claims. Read more >

Charles Edward Miller
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What I Told CNN: A Climate Denier Shouldn’t Be Leading at NOAA

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just appointed a climate denier to an agency leadership position. I went on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer yesterday to explain why the appointment of Dr. David Legates is dangerous for NOAA, for the future of federal climate change leadership, and for the public. Here’s why this appointment is a reckless move. Read more >

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Cartoon image of scientist being examined by huge microscope
Jesse Springer/UCS

Uber and Lyft Are Harassing a Researcher, Pulling a Page from Climate Deniers’ Playbook

Don’t like the message that research findings bring? Attack the researcher. At least that’s the strategy that industries and ideologues have used for years to intimidate and silence scientists when their results are inconvenient. Now, Uber, Lyft, and Door Dash are joining the likes of fossil fuel interests, chemical companies, and pharmaceutical giants in endorsing the bullying of researchers to protect their own profits. Read more >

Jesse Springer
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