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Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

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Gretchen Goldman is a research director in the Center for Science and Democracy at UCS. She holds a PhD and MS in environmental engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in atmospheric science from Cornell University. See Gretchen's full bio.

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EPA Science Advisors Fail to Reach Consensus on Particulate Pollution Standards

This week I’m at the EPA Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) meeting in North Carolina and an expected but disappointing outcome has just occurred: The committee has failed to reach consensus recommendations for the EPA head on the particulate matter (PM) standards, thus putting the nail in the coffin on any hope of official and robust scientific advice reaching the Administrator’s desk. This is unprecedented. It is a big deal for EPA, for the courts, and for the nation’s health. Read more >

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Spookiest Halloween Costume – 2019 Edition: (Still) the Fossil Fuel Company Executive

This post is a revamp of a 2017 post here. It is (sadly) more applicable today.

Halloween is here, and we have a lot to be spooked about when it comes to the future role of science in this country. In addition to the Trump administration’s ongoing assault on science, companies are now enjoying greater access to decisionmakers than they’ve ever had. And no industry has capitalized on inappropriate access to decisionmakers more than the fossil fuel industry. Indeed, with very little accountability, the industry has deceived the public and policymakers, and enjoyed friendly policies from decisionmakers with clear conflicts of interest.

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The Experts Have Spoken: Disbanded Particulate Pollution Panel Finds EPA Standards Don’t Protect Public Health

A group of 20 independent experts on particulate matter air pollution, disbanded by EPA Administrator Wheeler last October and reconvened last week, has now made clear that the current particulate pollution standards don’t protect public health and welfare. Read more >

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Dear Administrator Wheeler: This is What EPA Science Advice Looks Like

Last Thursday and Friday, a historic meeting took place. A 20-member panel of air pollution experts met in Washington DC, despite being disbanded by EPA leaders exactly one year before. The panel’s work of advising EPA’s upcoming decision on particulate matter air pollution standards is far from over, but the meeting was a significant step in ensuring independent science can continue to inform the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, even as agency leaders sabotage the process. Read more >

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What To Expect at the Independent Particulate Matter Review Panel Meeting

On the anniversary of being disbanded by the EPA, the 20-member Independent Particulate Matter Review Panel is set to reconvene to ensure that independent, robust science advice informs the EPA’s review of air pollution standards for particulate matter. Read more >

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