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Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

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Gretchen Goldman is a research director in the Center for Science and Democracy at UCS. She holds a PhD and MS in environmental engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in atmospheric science from Cornell University. See Gretchen's full bio.

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How Safe Are Children’s Products? It Might Depend on Trump’s Next Nominee to the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Today the Senate holds a hearing on the nomination of Dr Nancy Beck to chair the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). I doubt you spend much time thinking about the CPSC, but the little-known agency plays a crucial role in ensuring that the products in our homes are safe. And when things go wrong, that’s when you do hear about it—from lunchboxes contaminated with lead, to faulty jogging strollers that have injured children, to crib recalls due to infant deaths. Read more >

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A Flawed Process and a Harmful Outcome: My Comments on the EPA Particulate Pollution Standards

On Thursday, May 21, I will deliver the below oral comments to the US Environmental Protection Agency, speaking against Administrator Wheeler’s proposed rule to maintain the current National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for particulate matter (PM). Read more >

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The EPA Is Set To Ignore Science and Risk Your Health on Particulate Pollution: Your Voice Needed

The Trump Administration is set to ignore science and risk your health on an air pollution rule that will affect millions of people in the US. By June 29, we need the voices of scientists and members of the public to tell the EPA and the Trump Administration that our particulate matter (PM) standards must protect public health, as the Clean Air Act requires. Here’s a list of top points it would be useful to make in public comments. Read more >

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Smoggy morning conditions in Los Angeles
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New Harvard Study Links COVID Deaths and Air Pollution: An Interview with Study Author Dr. Francesca Dominici

A ground-breaking new study finds that people living in counties in the US that have experienced a higher level of air pollution over the past 15-17 years have a substantially higher COVID-19 mortality rate. Learn more about the study’s findings and its implications in this in-depth Q&A. Read more >

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EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler Photo: USDA/Flickr

The Trump EPA Is Restricting EPA Science. It’s Somehow Worse than We Expected.

Yesterday the Trump administration issued a supplemental notice to a draft rule long feared by many in the public health and scientific communities as a major disruption to science-based policy as we know it. Here are five initial takeaways. Read more >

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