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Jacob Carter is a research scientist for the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In this role, Dr. Carter investigates how science is used in the policy-making process, focusing on issues of scientific integrity across the federal government. See Jacob's full bio.

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The Trump administration rolled back worker safety measures in May 2019, putting more lives and our environment at risk of another catastrophe like the Deepwater Horizon disaster, pictured here.  Photo: Wikimedia

Trump Administration Ignores Worker Safety in Pursuit of Offshore Oil Profits

A coordinated strategy between political appointees at the Interior Department has rolled back safety standards for offshore oil rig workers and increased the risk of another catastrophe like Deepwater Horizon.  Read more >

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Chandra Oh/Unsplash

Are Your Children Vaping? On Vaping and a Need for Science-Based Policy

Teens and young adults across the country are dying from vaping. Yet, the Trump administration has chosen not to take the appropriate steps to fix this pandemic. Read more >

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What Should the Next President do to Restore Science to Decisionmaking?

Today, we’re releasing a new report, Presidential Recommendations for 2020: A Blueprint for Defending Science and Protecting the Public. In this report, we outline a suite of recommendations that the next president can take to protect the health and safety of the public through restoring science to government decisionmaking processes. The report focuses on strengthening three major principles underlying science-based decisionmaking: independence, transparency, and free speech.

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David Everett Strickler/Unsplash
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Another Attack on Endangered Species Escalates Need for New Legislation

The Trump administration is no stranger to attacking protections for endangered species, the implementation of the process by which endangered species are afforded protections by the federal government, the science underpinning that process, or the piece of legislation that spells all of these processes out and has resounding bipartisan support (i.e., the Endangered Species Act). And there are lots of endangered species at risk of losing their much-needed protections such as the American burying beetle, Chinook salmon, and (still) the polar bear. This is all happening as scientists continue to provide evidence that Earth is currently experiencing a sixth major extinction event. Read more >

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Original work by Laurel Raymond

Introducing Federal Scientist (now under the Trump administration) Barbie™!

For 60 years, Barbie has inspired children of all ages to grow up and become whatever they want to be: an astronaut, a journalist, or even a mechanic! Now there’s a barbie to inspire the next generation of scientists who want to work in the government and attempt to make a difference in the world. Introducing federal scientist Barbie! Read more >

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