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Jeremy Richardson is a senior energy analyst in the Climate and Energy program, conducting analytical work on the Environmental Protection Agency’s carbon regulations. Prior to this position, Dr. Richardson was a Kendall Science Fellow and researched the fundamental cultural and economic drivers of coal production in West Virginia. He has a Ph.D. and M.S. in physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder as well as a B.S. in Physics from West Virginia University. See Jeremy's full bio.

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Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

President-Elect Biden Must Prioritize Coal Communities—and Here’s How

President-elect Biden and his team must ensure that coal communities are not left behind in the transition to a clean energy economy. Fortunately, they have a ready-made blueprint. Read more >

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Matthew Keeler/U.S. Army

Put Workers First in COVID Response

As I often say to friends and colleagues, the issues we face as a society are complex and simply cannot be reduced to bumper sticker slogans. Sometimes, however, the reality is strikingly simply—and staring us right in the face. Read more >

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How to Help Coal Communities Recover from the Pandemic

Workers and communities that depend on coal for their economic livelihoods need deliberate, sustained, and comprehensive action to ensure that they recover from the economic devastation left behind by the pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis has touched all Americans in some form or another, but it has laid bare the reality that the most vulnerable among us—communities of color and working class folks—are hurting the most and dying more often. That is simply unacceptable. Read more >

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What Does “Fairness to Coal Workers” Mean in the Response to COVID-19?

Pretty much everyone around the globe has been affected by COVID-19. We’ve all had our lives turned upside-down by the unprecedented response to the pandemic. As of this writing, about 316 million Americans are subject to “stay at home” orders. By the time this thing is over, we’re all likely to have known someone who died of the disease. And while New York City is currently the epicenter of the crisis, it’s clear that the virus is about to overwhelm large swaths of rural America. Read more >

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Reminder to Congress: The Coal Industry Trade Association Doesn’t Give a Damn About Its Workers

As most know by now, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act (S.3548), delivering more than $2 trillion in aid in the wake of historic and rapidly climbing unemployment. This is the one that includes a one-time $1200 payment for some Americans and some extended unemployment benefits… as well as about $500 billion in corporate bailouts. One interesting footnote is that a request from the trade association representing the coal industry was left out of the deal.

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