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Jessica Collingsworth is an energy policy analyst with expertise in state-level policies that curb global warming emissions through greater use of renewable energy and energy efficiency. See Jessica's full bio.

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A PV array at the Chisago Solar Site, part of the Aurora Solar Project in Minnesota. NREL

Clean Energy 2020 Year in Review: Midwest Progress

This year has obviously been an incredibly challenging year, with the coronavirus pandemic, job loses, and a long-overdue reckoning with systematic racism in the United States, and at UCS. Through it all, though, there were some signs of progress related to clean energy in the Midwest. Read more >

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Artie Siegel/Pexels

CEJA can deliver on Governor Pritzker’s Eight Principles for a Clean and Renewable Illinois Economy

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker

I was excited to hear that Governor Pritzker has restarted discussions on equitable clean energy legislation in Illinois which will focus on the Governor’s recently announced Eight Principles for a Clean and Renewable Illinois Economy. Discussions had previously paused due to revelations of ComEd’s corporate corruption scandal and their undue political influence on energy legislation over the past decade.

By restarting this process and calling for strong utility reforms, Governor Pritzker has reaffirmed his commitment to an open and democratic process for taking urgent action to combat climate change and put consumers and climate first. Read more >

Artie Siegel/Pexels
Flickr/Illinois Public Radio
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U.S. Air Force photo by Roland Balik

UCS Supports CEJA

The Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) is a comprehensive climate bill that puts Illinois on a path to achieve 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2030 and 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.  The bill was developed by the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition with input from residents from across the state through over 100 community-based conversations known as “Listen.Lead.Share” events. The Union of Concerned Scientists is proud to support CEJA because it centers equity and communities while addressing climate change. Read more >

U.S. Air Force photo by Roland Balik
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Russ Munn/AgStock Images

Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture in the Midwest

I spoke with UCS Science Network Member, Dr. Ursula Melissa Ruiz Vera, to hear more about her research regarding the impacts of elevated CO2 combined with increases in temperature on the photosynthesis, development, and productivity of today’s most important Midwest crops, soybeans and maize. Read more >

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Recent FERC Decision Will Raise Electricity Bills in Illinois

The decision is expected to cost consumers within the 13 state PJM territory upwards of $2.5 billion per year. Read more >

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