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Joseph Daniel is a senior energy analyst with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In his role, he establishes policy positions, develops strategy, and produces analytics that spur innovation in energy markets to facilitate the transition to a modern electricity grid that is clean, affordable, flexible, and reliable. See Joseph's full bio.

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Will Cutting Carbon Emissions Increase MY Energy Bill? It doesn’t have to.

The assumption that cutting carbon will increase the costs of energy simply doesn’t hold true. Read more >

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Source: Florian64190/Wikimedia Commons

Which Parks and Rec Character is FirstEnergy?

FirstEnergy is a large, investor-owned, electric utility that operates in 13 different states. It operated a competitive generation subsidiary, First Energy Solutions (which is currently bankrupt). Recently it announced its intentions to retire two coal-fired power plants, observers believe this was just an attempt to garner support to get bailed out. Read more >

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How Affordable is Your Electricity? Comparing Electric Rates, Bills, and Burden

Fun fact: nearly 1 in 3 US residential household struggles to pay their electric bill. Read more >

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Photo: Mike Poresky/CC BY (Flickr)

The Coal Bailout Nobody is Talking About

My latest research has uncovered that every month, millions of consumers are unwittingly bailing out coal-fired power plants to the tune of over a billion dollars a year. Read more >

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