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Joseph Daniel is a senior energy analyst with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In his role, he establishes policy positions, develops strategy, and produces analytics that spur innovation in energy markets to facilitate the transition to a modern electricity grid that is clean, affordable, flexible, and reliable. See Joseph's full bio.

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Here Is Why State Regulators Are Rejecting Utility Resource Plans

Utility resource plans, which often take the form of “Integrated Resource Plans” (IRP), are a business plan, of sorts, for utilities. It lays out what utilities plan on doing to meet customer’s demands. In California, the process tends to look like this. Outside California, the primary questions being looked at are how much coal will be retired, how quickly it will be retired, and what resources will replace that coal. Read more >

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Three Possible Solutions to Uneconomic Coal Generation

 This year, utility regulators in Missouri and Minnesota are looking into a practice known as self-committing, which research from UCS shows is costing customers a billion dollars a year in unnecessary costs. Now that this uneconomic and inefficient practice has caught the attention of a few regulators it is time to dive deep into just a few options utility regulators and state policy makers could avail themselves of as potential solutions to uneconomic coal generation.

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Is this Michigan Utility’s Resource Plan the Worst Ever?

Just a few years ago, Michigan passed a law to guide the state’s utilities on proper resource planning (known in the industry as an Integrated Resource Plan, or IRP). The point of the law was to help promote better utility planning. Utilities, after all, are poised to invest $150 billion in capital this year. When they don’t make smart decisions, it is customers like you who pay the price. Having now reviewed the latest of such plans–DTE’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)–I am left wondering if the utilities themselves are listening to the legislated guidance. Read more >

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Tribute to Dr. Frank Ackerman, a Second Draft

The confidence a good mentor places in you can give you confidence in yourself. When a good mentor is willing to invest in you, you can become willing to invest in yourself. Good mentors can be hard to come by, and earlier this month the most influential mentor I’ve ever had passed away. Read more >

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As Heatwave Blankets Nation, Utility Disconnect Policies Can Kill

As temperatures increase, so does our reliance on things like air conditioning. That increased electric load can stress the grid, but it can also stress our pocketbooks with the increased use of A/C translating into increased electric bills. Read more >

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