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Juan Declet-Barreto is a climate scientist for the UCS Climate & Energy program and the Center for Science and Democracy. He partners with environmental justice groups and activists to research the potential effects of carbon trading on disadvantaged communities, as individual states begin implementation of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. See Juan's full bio.

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EPA Quietly Moves to Allow More Toxic Air Pollution that Causes Cancer

A recent move by the EPA puts communities across the country at risk. By rolling back a key policy that protects people against cancer-causing air pollutants, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is exposing us all to more toxic air. Read more >

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Ciencia para un planeta sano para todos

Vivimos momentos de mucha incertidumbre entre nuestra comunidad. Nuestro mundo se ve amenazado por la intolerancia y el odio a los inmigrantes, el desmantelamiento de las protecciones federales a nuestra salud y del ambiente, la negación de la realidad del cambio climático, y más recientemente, por el triste fracaso de nuestros líderes en tomar acción para frenar la epidemia de violencia con armas de fuego que afecta al país.

Como científico climático y padre de familia sé cuán urgente es que toda la sociedad se movilice para frenar éstos preocupantes ataques a nuestra salud y bienestar, y no estoy sólo en ello: La comunidad de origen latinoamericano en EE.UU., también exige a nuestros líderes que protejan nuestra salud, bienestar, y medio ambiente, y al mismo tiempo, fortalezcan nuestra democracia. Read more >

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Dialogue About Risks of Environmental Exposure Begins with Taking Environmental Justice Concerns Seriously

Public health officials are tasked with one of the most critical jobs in our modern risk society: to research, understand, educate, and help prevent the multiple and complex ways in which people are exposed to and suffer from disease. But when public health officials deflect attention away from significant sources of toxic pollutants that put people at risk (and instead blame the overexposed population’s race, lifestyle, or genetics), they do a disservice to the people they are supposed to protect. Read more >

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Flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

New Bill Puts Environmental Justice Right Where It Belongs: Front and Center

We’re helping research, document, amplify, offer policy advice on, and in some cases litigate, the ways in which environmental injustices disproportionately expose low-income communities of color to dangerous toxic chemicals, climate change, water and air pollution, to name a few. Read more >

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Citizen Soldiers of Puerto Rico Army National Guard, alongside residents of the municipality of Cayey, clear a road after the destruction left by Hurricane Maria through the region, Sep. 30.

Mr. President: Puerto Rico Is, Indeed, Living a “Real Catastrophe”

President Trump visited Puerto Rico to meet with federal and Commonwealth officials coordinating the relief and recovery effort in the wake of Hurricane María. His callousness and harsh words for Puerto Ricans sharply contrasts with the swift approval of an emergency aid package for Texas and Florida in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Read more >

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