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Julie McNamara is a senior energy analyst with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In her role, she analyzes state, regional, and national policies relating to clean energy development and deployment. Ms. McNamara holds an M.S. in technology and policy from MIT, and a B.A. in biology and political economy from Williams College. See Julie's full bio.

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Wind turbine blades wind their way by train through Denver. Photo: Department of Energy photo by Dennis Schroeder / NREL

We Have an Infrastructure Plan

The Biden administration’s American Jobs Plan is a vision, an outline, an actionable course for how to advance desperately needed change. It needs work. It needs to be pushed on scale, and on scope. But it’s a plan. Which means we now have a plan to build from, and a plan to build on. Let’s build. Read more >

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Jonathan Cutrer/Flickr

The Texas Power Outages Were A “Wake-Up Call” Only Because Decisionmakers Everywhere Keep Hitting Snooze

This February, a deep and sustained chill sent the Texas energy system into a week-long torpor, which set off a series of cascading failures that were devastating and deadly in their effect. This should not have been a “wake-up call,” but once again it was, because decisionmakers everywhere keep hitting snooze. It’s time to get it right. Read more >

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New Documents Reveal the Spectacular Unraveling of a Final Trump Polluter Hand-Out

This is the story of how the Trump EPA’s final attempt at a coal bailout unraveled in spectacular fashion, just weeks before the administration’s clock ran out. Read more >

Trump White House/Flickr
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Los Angeles looking from Hollywood at dawn Getty Images

What’s the Role of Hydrogen in the Clean Energy Transition?

Hydrogen has significant, sector-spanning potential, a carbon-free fuel that can be used in all sorts of otherwise-hard-to-decarbonize applications where fossil fuels have long been considered required. Truly, potential abounds. But, as ever, there’s a catch. Read more >

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Hurricane Laura Threatens Gulf Coast Energy Infrastructure

Hurricane Laura is projected to make landfall as a Category 4 hurricane late tonight along the Texas and Louisiana coasts. Conditions will be severe, with pockets of rainfall totaling up to 15 inches, storm surge reaching a staggering 15 to 20 feet, and wind speeds topping 140 miles per hour. Evacuation orders have been declared across the region, racing to get people out of immediate harm’s way.

A hurricane, though, is often only the first part of what can become a rapidly widening disaster post-storm. In particular, lasting disruptions to critical infrastructure like electricity can prove another disaster all their own. This is made all the more urgent given that not all residents in the region have the capacity to leave, and all disaster response will be additionally complicated by navigating the challenges simultaneously posed by the ongoing pandemic. Read more >

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