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Julie McNamara is an energy analyst with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In her role, she analyzes state, regional, and national policies relating to clean energy development and deployment. Ms. McNamara holds an M.S. in technology and policy from MIT, and a B.A. in biology and political economy from Williams College. See Julie's full bio.

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New Mexico’s Clean Energy Opportunity Knocks

Look out, clean energy leaders, there’s a new governor in town—and this one campaigned atop a wind turbine.

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Photo: BLM
Credit: Michelle for Governor (Oct. 2018).
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Cartoon: Justin Bilicki

5 Tips for Working in the Trump Administration Like an Absolute Pro

Are you a new political appointee looking to join your administration peers in governing by deregulatory splash? Does the idea of winning the title of Best Worst Rule-Maker of Them All make you want to jump to the front to assume the mantle of dismantle? Would you be interested in throwing logic, scholarship, and ethics out the window in favor of the unbridled thrill of flying by the seat of no pants?

If yes, then read on, because the below five tips have been systematically shown to plummet Trump appointees from hero to zero in under one rulemaking flat.

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Justin Bilicki
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Photo: Tammy Anthony Baker/Wikimedia Commons

Trump Digs Coal… Into an Ever-Deeper Hole

Trump is digging coal six feet deep. Read more >

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With Headlines Elsewhere, Administration Offers Just ONE Day For Public Input on Major Climate Rule

It is a stunning abdication of agency mission, an overt rejection of underlying statute, a blatant favoring of special interests over the well-being of the public. Read more >

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Photo: John Westrock/Flickr

Getting the Facts Right on Washington’s I-1631

Oil-backed opposition to 1631 is loudly spreading falsehoods. We’re correcting them. Read more >

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