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Climate accountability campaign director

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Kathy Mulvey designs and leads corporate accountability initiatives and campaigns at UCS, conducting research and analysis, engaging corporate targets, building coalitions, and mobilizing experts and supporters. See Kathy's full bio.

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2019 ExxonMobil Shareholder meeting action/350.org

BP, Chevron, and ExxonMobil Have a Lot to Answer for on Climate at their Annual Meetings

We’ve decided to put out our questions for the leaders of fossil fuel companies ahead of their virtual annual shareholder meetings—so that journalists, advocates, and activists can amplify and follow up. Read more >

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U.S. Geological Service

Bankrolling Climate Disaster: Stop the Money Pipeline to Fossil Fuel Companies

This year’s Earth Week occurs at a time when the cracks in our economic system are becoming painfully clear. At the same time, fossil fuel companies are seeking to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, even as fenceline communities adjacent to fossil fuel facilities now face disproportionate risk of COVID-19 in addition to the health impacts of fossil fuel pollution. Read more >

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Creative Commons by 2.0/Daniella Beccaria

Shell Inches Forward on Climate Action

Royal Dutch Shell yesterday announced an update to its climate “ambitions,” stating that the company aims to be a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, if not sooner. While Shell explicitly seeks to bring net global warming emissions from its operations to zero by mid-century, the company’s pathway for reaching net zero emissions from the use of its products is less clear. Read more >

Creative Commons by 2.0/Daniella Beccaria
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Greg Kunit/Creative Commons (Flickr)

Before Bailing Out Fossil Fuel Companies or Their Bankers, Congress Should Read This

A new report released last week by a range of organizations provides valuable information and guidance that might help us rebuild the economy and the energy system around principles of justice, transparency, and science-based decisionmaking. It may not be top of mind as the world faces a growing pandemic. However, it includes research that legislators should bear in mind as they consider economic stimulus measures, potentially including aid to banks and fossil fuel companies that are behind the climate crisis which still looms. Behind the COVID-19 threat, our climate emergency continues to require swift and deep emissions reductions to ensure a stable climate. Read more >

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Three Reasons Investors Should Give ExxonMobil’s 2020 Climate Report the Thumbs-Down

Yesterday, ExxonMobil quietly published its 2020 Energy & Carbon Summary, the company’s latest report in response to rising shareholder demands for improved climate risk disclosure. While the report came without fanfare, you can bet that ExxonMobil will be hammering away at these talking points in the lead-up to its annual general meeting in late May. My hot-take: investors should not be duped by this slick, self-serving attempt by the oil and gas giant to claim that it’s doing its part to address climate change. Here are three reasons why. Read more >

Wikimedia Commons
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