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Ken Kimmell is president of the Union of Concerned Scientists and has more than 30 years of experience in government, environmental policy, and advocacy. He is a national advocate for clean energy and transportation policies and a driving force behind UCS’s “Power Ahead” campaign to build a large and diverse group of clean energy leadership states. Prior to joining UCS in May 2014, Mr. Kimmell was the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), and served as chairman of the board of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. See Ken's full bio.

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The Climate Strike Is On. We Will Be There.

The Union of Concerned Scientists supports the youth climate strike because we believe in this movement and its power and potential to make a meaningful difference in the climate fight. We believe in the inspiring youth who rise and demand action at this most critical time. And we will support and fight with them to protect their future, their climate, and the planet they will inherit. Read more >

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Trump’s Witch Hunt Against California and Carmakers

(Mis)using antitrust laws to punish those who disagree with a policy is beyond scary. Read more >

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The US Supreme Court Turns its Back on Democracy

With this decision, the court sanctioned an insidious practice in which politicians pick their voters, rather than the other way around. Read more >

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The House Ways and Means Committee—Will it Throw Climate Under the Bus?

The climate clock is ticking, so back in January UCS flagged three ways the new Congress could make progress on reducing emissions to address climate change, even in this challenging political environment -appropriations, infrastructure, and the tax code.  Key to that progress is the new democratically-controlled House of Representatives.  It’s been 6 months, let’s see where things stand.

Read more >

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How the Green New Deal Can Unify Rather than Divide Us

The key is to define the Green New Deal before the caricatures stick, by showing that, while it is ambitious, it is realistic and affordable. Read more >

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