Kevin Knobloch

Former president

Kevin Knobloch has more than 30 years of experience in public policy and advocacy. He is knowledgeable about a number of environmental and national security issues, including climate change, nuclear weapons, natural resource economics, clean energy, and efficient vehicle policy and legislative strategy. He holds a master’s degree in public administration, with a focus on economics.

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A Welcome Voice of Corporate Leadership

A theme that I have been writing and speaking about a lot recently is the obligation of industry CEOs to lead their companies in reducing heat-trapping emissions and accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy – not only because of the essential societal benefits but because it’s good for business. Read more >

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Dear Mr. President: UCS Letter Outlines Concrete Steps Obama Can Take to Address Climate Change

Union of Concerned Scientists Board Chair Jim McCarthy and I sent a letter to President Obama to applaud his commitment to address the threat of climate change in his second term and to propose a number of concrete ways he can do so. Read more >

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The State of the Union is This: America is Ready to Take Bold Climate Action

The President’s recent remarks about the imperative to take action in his second term on the threat of climate change can be understood as a sequence of purposeful statements meant to signal intent and resolve.

From his speech on the night of his successful re-election to his remarkable inaugural speech and multiple times in between, the President’s clear and inspiring comments offer a clear rationale and compelling call to action. His next big speech, the State of the Union, is traditionally where presidents provide more details on their plans for the coming year, and we can expect President Obama to do that next Tuesday. Read more >

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Congress Should Renew Wind Production Tax Credit

While President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner tangle over the fiscal cliff and the nation is (appropriately) focused on gun control, Congress is playing with the future of the wind industry by dithering over whether to renew the wind production tax credit. The tax credit has helped make the wind power industry one of the few bright spots in a sluggish economy, and it is one of the most promising carbon-free energy sources. To ensure the health of the wind industry, Congress should renew the wind production tax credit before the current session closes at the end of this month. Read more >

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Michigan Has a Powerful Megaphone for Our Energy Future

In a political season when some have irresponsibly tried to taint clean energy with a partisan or ideological brush, voters in Michigan have a profound chance to tell power generators in their state and power brokers across the country that renewable energy is a common-sense centerpiece of our energy future. Read more >

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