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Marcia DeLonge is a senior scientist in the Food & Environment Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). Dr. DeLonge conducts scientific research and analyses identifying practices that lead to healthy, sustainable food and farming systems. See Marcia's full bio.

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6 Ways the Agricultural Resilience Act Equips Farmers to Fight the Climate Crisis with Science

Last month, Representative Chellie Pingree (D ME-1) introduced a bold and comprehensive policy proposal—the Agricultural Resilience Act (ARA, H.R.5861)—to set farmers up with the tools they need to tackle the climate crisis. At a time when farmers are on the heels of a difficult year and preparing for another season, the new proposal offers a welcome dose of hope and inspiration. Even better, it’s steeped in science.  Read more >

Lance Cheung/USDA
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Facing Climate Change on US Farms: An Urgent Need for Science-Based Policy

It’s already November, but farmers across the nation are still suffering in the aftermath of a series of extreme weather events that wrought havoc this year. It began with devastating spring flooding and wet weather that was record-setting, visible from space, and had ripple effects far beyond the farm.

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United Nations Panel Says Farmers are a Key to Managing Climate Change

The IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change on Land paints a harrowing picture of ways in which climate change is already affecting land across the globe, threatening livelihoods, food, energy, water, and other critical resources. Fortunately, in addition to dire warnings, the report emphasized some good news: food and agriculture can play a major role in adapting to and mitigating climate change. Read more >

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Photo: Matt Liebman/Iowa State University

A Spoonful of Science in Your Surprisingly Powerful Cereal Bowl

When you think about “farm to table”, what comes to mind? Heirloom tomatoes? Local mixed greens? Farmstead cheese? Whatever it may be, I hope you’ll add breakfast cereal to that list. Yes, breakfast cereal.  Read more >

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Key Questions Answered in the USDA’s New Census of Agriculture

Last week, the US Department of Agriculture released the findings of its latest 5-year Census of Agriculture (the 29th in the series, with data collected from the nation’s farms and ranches in 2017), providing an eagerly anticipated update to the nation’s most comprehensive agricultural dataset. Ahead of the release, I posted my top 4 questions for the new Census. Now that it’s out, what have we learned? Read more >

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