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Deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy

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Michael Halpern is an expert on political interference in science and solutions to reduce suppression, manipulation, and distortion of government science. See Michael's full bio.

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Corporations and Activists are Exploiting Open Records Laws. California is Trying to Change That

Corporations and activists from the left and the right are abusing open records laws to harass public university researchers. A growing body of analysis shows that these attacks are growing both in number and severity. Fortunately, some states have begun to clarify how these laws apply to university researchers, both through courts and state legislatures. Read more >

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Photo: Barbara Barrett

The Game is Changing: How Two Years of Trump Has Energized the Science Community

There’s never been anything like this. This is the golden age of scientist engagement in America. I have never seen anywhere close to this level of sustained interest in defending the role of science in both societal and individual decisions Read more >

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Photo: Judy Gallagher/Flickr

The Government Shutdown Hurts Public Health and the Environment. Do You Have a Story to Tell?

The devastating effects of the shutdown on public health, the environment, and science are getting much less attention than they deserve.  We need to elevate these stories, and we need help from those who work most closely with the federal government to do so. Read more >

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Photo: US Department of Transportation

Why Was Climate Change Content Removed from the Department of Transportation Website?

CNN had a scoop this past weekend: the U.S. Department of Transportation recently removed several climate change pages from its website. The changes are indicative of a greater trend within the federal government when it comes to climate information: when in doubt, take it out. Read more >

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As Congress Revives its Oversight Responsibilities, Science Should Be on the Agenda

The midterms brought checks and balances to Washington, complete with new opportunities for accountability and oversight, and some members of Congress have already signaled that science will be on the agenda. Today, a diverse set of environmental, public health, and good government organizations released a report outlining what Congress can do to address recent actions that sideline science from policymaking. Read more >

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