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Deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy

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Michael Halpern is an expert on political interference in science and solutions to reduce suppression, manipulation, and distortion of government science. See Michael's full bio.

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What I’ll Tell Congress at Today’s Hearing on Politics and Science

At 10am this morning, two subcommittees of the House Science Committee will hold a hearing called “Scientific Integrity in Federal Agencies,” which will examine political interference in science and legislation to help fix the problem. I am honored to be one of the witnesses invited to appear. Read more >

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Photo: Mike Olliver/UCS

Groups Urge Support of Scientific Integrity Act as Congressional Hearing Looms

On the eve of a congressional hearing about preventing attacks on science, more than 60 organizations sent a letter to members of Congress urging them to co-sponsor and advance the Scientific Integrity Act. I’ve written previously about how the legislation would empower federal agency scientists to speak publicly about their work and protect federal science in policy decisions from inappropriate political influence and interference. What’s exciting to me isn’t the number of groups, but the diversity of interests that they represent.  Read more >

Photo: Mike Olliver/UCS
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What to Expect from Today’s EPA Scientific Integrity Stakeholder Meeting

Later today, a few dozen advocates will head to the Environmental Protection Agency for a stakeholder meeting on protections for scientific research at the agency in the context of its annual scientific integrity report and scientific integrity policy. The meeting is an opportunity for organizations to ask questions about the report, to give feedback to the agency, and to identify new or emerging challenges to scientific integrity at EPA. Here’s how I expect it to go down.  Read more >

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One Thing You Can Do to Stand Up for Science This Week

The Scientific Integrity Act would give federal government scientists the right to share their research publicly and protect science in policy decisions from political manipulation—and you can help advance its progress. Today kicks off the National Call Out to Protect Scientific Integrity—and UCS is making it easier than ever for you to stand up for science and help restore science to its rightful place in public health and environmental decision-making. Read more >

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An intern doing scientific research in a US Navy laboratory.
Photo: John F. Williams, US Navy/CC BY 2.0, Flickr

Understanding the New Restrictions on Fetal Tissue Research, and Attacks on the Scientists Who Use It

If you want to understand the toxic and skewed discussion around the use of fetal tissue in research, the negative consequences for individual scientists and their work, and the consequences of these new restrictions, here are some good places to start. Read more >

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