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Deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy

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Michael Halpern is an expert on political interference in science and solutions to reduce suppression, manipulation, and distortion of government science. See Michael's full bio.

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They want politicians, not scientists, to evaluate the evidence of harm to the public.

The EPA’s Move to Handcuff Scientists Will Sicken and Kill People

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is doubling down on a proposal that would effectively force the agency to ignore thousands of scientific studies when responding to public health threats and setting pollution standards. It could also compromise scientific assessments produced by the EPA on a wide variety of topics, including on chemicals like ethylene oxide. The EPA can’t develop adequate public health protections without fully considering all the scientific evidence. Read more >

Photo: USDA
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On the Verge of Another Election, How is Science Political?

Tomorrow is Election Day, and it’s worth reflecting on how a STEM* identity connects with a political identity. The science blog Sister and Science Rising have put together a fantastic new blog series from women scientists exploring how STEM can be political (yet not partisan), and explaining how working in STEM can profoundly shape advocacy work. They are well worth a read as you head to the polls. Read more >

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science committee hearing room 10-17-19

Scientific Integrity Act Passes Out of Committee with Unprecedented Bipartisan Support

Today, the remarkable happened: the Scientific Integrity Act passed the House Science Committee with support from both Republicans and Democrats. Six Republicans joined all 19 Democrats in attendance to vote the Scientific Integrity Act out of Committee. This is the first time this kind of legislation has passed out of a House committee. This is also the first time this kind of legislation has received public support from Republicans still in office. Read more >

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Randy Showstack/Eos

House Committee to Vote on Scientific Integrity Act

The House Science Committee just announced that it will amend and vote on the Scientific Integrity Act on Thursday at 10 am. This is the first time this kind of bill, which would protect the independence of science and scientists in federal government agencies, will receive a vote in the United States Congress. It is fantastic to see solid momentum and growing support in Congress for this good government legislation. Read more >

Randy Showstack/Eos
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The Proposal to Restrict Science at EPA Is Dying a Slow Death

The agency is struggling mightily with a fatally flawed proposal that is legally and scientifically indefensible. Read more >

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