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Michael Jacobs is a senior energy analyst with expertise in electricity markets, transmission and renewables integration work. See Mike's full bio.

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It’s Time For Transparency in the Electric Grid

Regional cooperation to meet energy demand requires transparency and openness now as public, leaders, and utility-industry members meet the challenge of climate and decarbonize energy. Read more >

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Bribery and Corruption at Utilities Cost Them–and Us–Big

Efforts to shield fossil-fired suppliers from the effect of state policies and competition from other resources results in additional customer costs and increased climate damage. Read more >

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Cost of Hiding Energy Supplies

Planning for reliability is increasingly watchful of times other than the summer peak. That planning, and the policies, prices, and market responses that follow, are all better served by having more information about actual conditions, rather than less. Read more >

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Photographer: Ari Lindquist/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Congress: Clean Energy Manufacturing and Building Is Our Future. Fund It.

The COVID-19 outbreak has created a public health crisis unseen in the age of modern medicine, and an economic crisis on the scale of the Great Depression. America’s ability to respond and recover with investments that improve public health and job security will shape this country for years. These investments should recognize the breadth and diversity of people and places in this country.

One industry that can help now save skilled jobs in rural areas and improve everyone’s health over the years while meeting society’s needs is clean, renewable energy. Often, new renewable energy facilities are the largest new construction or manufacturing projects in the counties that host them. Read more >

Photographer: Ari Lindquist/Bloomberg via Getty Images
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U.S. Department of Energy

How Clean Energy is Part of Economic Recovery after Pandemic

Policymakers looking to rebuild our economy must keep in mind peoples’ needs for the future after this public health crisis. Now, medical and safety needs for frontline workers are the first priority. Thinking about recovery, strengthening policies for the clean power sector and the people who work to build a cleaner and more robust energy supply will make us healthier in the future.  Congress can rebuild the economy with smarter investments in clean energy which will also lower the costs of electricity.

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U.S. Department of Energy
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