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Director of gov't affairs, Climate & Energy

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Rob Cowin creates and implements legislative campaigns to support UCS efforts on clean energy, global warming, and nuclear safety issues. See Rob's full bio.

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Infrastructure in the Trump Congress: We Must Build for the Future, Not the Past

Getting this wrong is not an option; and if recent history is any indication, we can’t expect Congress to get it right on its own. Read more >

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5 Things Congress Can Do to Help Communities Devastated by Hurricane Harvey

People need help and they don’t care about political or fiscal ideological purity. They need money and other support services so they can begin to rebuild their lives, and prevent future storm events from laying waste to the city again. So what can Congress do to help Houston and other communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey when they come back from August recess? Read more >

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Some Tough Questions for Rick Perry at DOE Budget Hearing

A look into the Trump administration’s proposed budget for the Department of Energy reveals a war on renewable energy, cuts to our national labs, and reduced capacity for federal R&D, science, and innovation. Read more >

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Congress vs. Trump: Are the President’s Anti-Science Budget Priorities Headed for Another Defeat?

Congress has already repudiated President Trump’s budget priorities once. So what does this mean for the 2018 budget? Read more >

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What’s the Skinny on President Trump’s Skinny Budget? All Bark, No Bite

It’s alarming to read headlines like: “EPA budget may be cut by 25% under Trump;” “DOE targeted for massive cuts in Trump draft budget;” “White House proposes steep cut to leading climate science agency;”and  “Trump wants 37% cut to State, USAID.” But if you find yourself getting swept up in the hysteria, just remember that the president doesn’t rule by fiat; he’s president, not emperor.

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