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Sam Gomberg is a senior energy analyst and an expert on responsible energy policies that support the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency resources that result in significant reductions of global warming emissions. See Sam's full bio.

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From Minnesota to Louisiana, Renewables are Poised for Dramatic Growth, but…

Every so often I take a look at the interconnection queue of the Mid-Continent Independent System Operator (MISO) that shows the mix of new generation resources applying to connect to MISO’s transmission system that extends across much of the central U.S. MISO operates this extensive transmission network, maintaining reliable electricity supply and operating the region’s wholesale electricity markets. Last updated on January 31st, MISO’s interconnection queue summary shows how wind and solar resources are dominating interconnection applications and foreshadowing a historic transition to clean energy resources. Read more >

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Three Ways a Trump FERC Could Negatively Impact Us

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee voted Tuesday to approve the appointment of Bernard McNamee to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The final confirmation vote now moves to the full Senate. McNamee’s confirmation threatens to transform FERC – with a longstanding tradition of political independence – into another arm of the Trump Administration, paving the way for Trump’s pro-fossil fuel agenda, a move that could impact all of us. Read more >

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Three Reasons Bernard McNamee is a Horrible Choice for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

President Trump’s nomination of Bernard McNamee to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) may not grab a lot of headlines but make no mistake – it’s a blatant (and oft repeated) move by the Trump administration to pollute an independent regulatory body with political operatives intent on carrying out his crony capitalism. A hearing to consider McNamee’s nomination is already set for Tuesday, October 16th – a clear sign that Trump’s political allies are trying to ram through his appointment without thoughtful consideration. But here’s three reasons McNamee is a horrible choice to be a FERC commissioner and why his potential confirmation should worry all of us. Read more >

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Photo: Tammy Anthony Baker/Wikimedia Commons
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Photo: Tammy Anthony Baker/Wikimedia Commons

Trump Twists the Law to Bail Out Coal

As you may have heard, President Trump has a new toy – national security – that he’s using to sidestep congressional oversight and funnel taxpayer dollars to his fossil fuel buddies.

First, he weaponized “national security” to impose tariffs designed to stifle the economic competitiveness of solar power (it didn’t work). Now, he’s using it as misguided rationale for ordering the Department of Energy (DOE) to bail out uneconomic coal plants on our dime to the tune of billions of dollars, according to estimates. His hiding behind national security is like me hiding behind a lunchbox – it doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, if the Trump Administration gets away with it, there are profound consequences for our wallets, our environment, and yes – our national security. Read more >

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Midwest Transmission Operator Planning for a High-Renewables Future

Driven by clean energy policies, customer demand, and simple economics, renewable energy technologies are becoming the dominant part of our energy future. Studies consistently show that wind and solar technologies could produce far more electricity than we currently demand, but questions loom about the transmission system’s ability to enable this transition to clean energy and maximize its potential benefits.

A new study undertaken by the regional transmission operator serving much of the central United States is seeking answers to some of these questions. But navigating the complexity and uncertainty inherent in planning our electricity future is a daunting task. Read more >

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