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Shana Udvardy is the climate resilience analyst with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. She conducts research and policy analysis to help inform and build support to increase resilience to climate change impacts. Ms. Udvardy is a Certified Floodplain Manager, and holds a M.S. in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development from the University of Georgia’s Odum School of Ecology and a B.A. from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School. See Shana's full bio.

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FEMA’s Expert Committee Breathes a Sigh of Relief: They can now “Actually Say Climate Change.”

President Biden has set an important shift in tone via his executive orders on climate change. It’s too soon in the early days of this administration to assess whether this guidance is filtering down to agencies comprehensively. However, to live into the whole-of-government approach, agencies need to change quickly to integrate climate change into their missions as Biden is championing. Read more >

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US Department of Defense, photo by Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Brian Bolin Jr.

Congress Continues to Affirm that Climate Security is National Security

With the enactment of the FY21 NDAA, Congress again demonstrates bipartisan support for increasing the military’s readiness to a climate change-fueled future. Read more >

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The Tuscaloosa Fire & Rescue Swift Water Team after Hurricane Sally made landfall on Sept. 16, 2020 in Baldwin County, Alabama. FEMA

On Day One, President-Elect Biden Can Better Prepare Communities for the Next Disaster

In the dawn of his presidency President-elect Biden can bolster community resilience by allocating full funding to FEMA’s BRIC program. Read more >

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NOAA/Wikimedia Commons

Three Reasons Why the COVID Relief Executive Order Is Bad Policy

On August 8, in response to the Congressional stalemate on passing a coronavirus relief package and their failure to renew benefits to individuals who have lost wages due to the COVID-19 economic crisis, the President signed an Executive Order bypassing Congress. On the surface it would seem that the Executive Order solved the Congressional impasse and by doing so ensured that badly needed resources would be allocated to individuals who have lost wages due to the pandemic, right? WRONG. Here are three reasons why the Executive Order is bad policy: Read more >

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In the Wake of COVID-19, Congress Must Support Pre-Disaster Mitigation Programs

As Congress considers formulating economic recovery and relief packages for the nation, robust funding must be targeted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) pre-disaster mitigation programs to help prepare and protect communities ahead of time, particularly African American, Latinx and Native American communities that are suffering the brunt of the pandemic in this dire time. Read more >

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