The US electricity system is undergoing a transformation that’ll change how energy is produced and used for decades. Our experts bring you the latest news and analysis on that transformation, including its opportunities, benefits, and challenges.

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Photo: Peabody Energy/Wikimedia Commons

Black Lung Resurgence: Without Action, Taxpayers Will Foot the Medical Bills

, senior energy analyst

I’ve written previously about my family’s experience with black lung and how the disease is making a frightening resurgence. A bit like a miner’s headlamp in the darkness, two recent federal reports and several federal scientific studies shine a light on the disease and its implications—and policymakers should take notice.

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Photo: Peabody Energy
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Ever Heard of Microgrids? They’re Awesome—Here’s Why

, Energy analyst

Most people rely on a massive centralized power system. It doesn’t have to be that way. Read more >

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U.S. Army photo by Michael J. Nevins

Judge Should Not Have Deferred to Congress, Executive Branch in Fossil-Fuel Climate Case

, senior writer

On Monday, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by San Francisco and Oakland against the five biggest privately owned oil companies for climate change-related damages. Why? He believes the problem is too big to be decided by the federal courts and that Congress and the administration should take care of it.

Fat chance of that happening anytime soon, and the courts are at least partly to blame. Read more >

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Midwest Transmission Operator Planning for a High-Renewables Future

, senior energy analyst

Driven by clean energy policies, customer demand, and simple economics, renewable energy technologies are becoming the dominant part of our energy future. Studies consistently show that wind and solar technologies could produce far more electricity than we currently demand, but questions loom about the transmission system’s ability to enable this transition to clean energy and maximize its potential benefits.

A new study undertaken by the regional transmission operator serving much of the central United States is seeking answers to some of these questions. But navigating the complexity and uncertainty inherent in planning our electricity future is a daunting task. Read more >

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Getting More Wind and Solar is 100% Possible, But Not 100% Straightforward. Here’s Why

, senior energy analyst, Climate & Energy Program

It’s not an issue of technology. Read more >

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