The US electricity system is undergoing a transformation that’ll change how energy is produced and used for decades. Our experts bring you the latest news and analysis on that transformation, including its opportunities, benefits, and challenges.

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Flickr/Office of Governor Baker

Massachusetts, Urge Gov. Baker to Sign Climate Bill

, Senior energy analyst

Massachusetts’s next step on addressing climate change has made its way to Gov. Charlie Baker’s desk. The state legislature passed a solid climate-energy-justice bill this week that needs the governor’s signature now to become law. Read more >

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Will Renewables Finish Ahead of Coal in 2020?

, Senior energy analyst

Though the numbers aren’t final yet, 2020 might just be the first time in US history that, on an annual basis, renewable energy overtakes coal in the power sector. Read more >

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Crystal River 3 nuclear power plant/CC BY-SA 2.0

6 Things to Know about the 2020 Cyberattack and Nuclear Power Plants

, Director of Nuclear Power Safety, Climate & Energy

News reports over the last day indicate that a massive and devastating cyberattack on US government agencies and private companies in the United States and abroad has occurred, and UCS will be watching as this news develops. While the scope of the cyberattack is still far from clear, here are some facts to consider regarding how the hack may have impacted US nuclear energy infrastructure. Read more >

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A PV array at the Chisago Solar Site, part of the Aurora Solar Project in Minnesota. NREL

Clean Energy 2020 Year in Review: Midwest Progress

, Energy policy analyst

This year has obviously been an incredibly challenging year, with the coronavirus pandemic, job loses, and a long-overdue reckoning with systematic racism in the United States, and at UCS. Through it all, though, there were some signs of progress related to clean energy in the Midwest. Read more >

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Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

Clean Energy 2020 Year in Review: 3 Bad-News Stories, 2 Good, 1 Write Your Own Ending

, Senior energy analyst

In this year-like-no-other, the fate of clean energy has definitely been a mixed bag. Read more >

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