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We need to fix our broken food system—and science can help us do it. UCS food experts highlight solutions to ensure that every American has access to healthy, green, fair, affordable food.

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Pandemic Exposes Plight of Food Workers Who Have Long Fought for Justice

, Food Systems & Health Analyst

The rapid spread of COVID-19, with confirmed US cases now nearing 100,000, is forcing the federal government to confront some stark realities. Notably, the pandemic has pulled back the curtain on the US food system and the millions of workers behind it—and in the process, has underscored the need for the basic rights many farm and food workers have been fighting for all along. Read more >

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Photo courtesy duncan c/Flickr

Three Ways the Coronavirus Crisis Is Also a Food Crisis

, senior analyst, Food and Environment

As the coronavirus crisis keeps most Americans at home, many of us have pantries comfortably stocked with food and can have groceries delivered to our doorsteps in a matter of hours. But millions of our neighbors have trouble putting food on the table in the best of times, and they’re now joined by many more people abruptly facing job loss and hunger. Meanwhile, many of the people who produce and safeguard our food supply are confronted with increased health risk and economic catastrophe. Read more >

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Lucas Sankey/Unsplash

As Congress Debates an Economic Stimulus, Where Should the Money Be Spent?

, president

The government will be directly, massively guiding the direction of the economy. It is therefore imperative that we get this right. Read more >

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Coronavirus Aid Must Help Farmers Keep Foothold in Local Food Economies

, Food Systems & Health Analyst

Major grocery chains are seeing sharp increases in sales this week as households stock up and prepare to stay home to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Photos of empty shelves in stores across the country have even prompted warnings against hoarding and reminders to shop responsibly.

But beyond the walls of the nation’s big box stores, other vital facets of the food system are faring far worse. Among them are the local and regional markets that allow farmers to sell directly to consumers or to restaurants, schools, and other institutions. Read more >

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It’s the Economy, Sonny: Why the Coronavirus Demands Maximum SNAP Benefits Now  

, Economist

As we face a pandemic—and what is rapidly becoming a serious economic crisis in reaction to it—the strength of our social safety net truly could not be more important than it is right now. Read more >

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