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The partnership between science and democracy has played a huge role in U.S. history. But misinformation and attacks on science have strained that partnership. UCS science and democracy experts keep you informed on the latest developments, from Capitol Hill to local communities.

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The Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics Continues to Weaken

Carlos M. De Leon-Rodriguez, , UCS

During the past two years, the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics (PRIS) has faced a series of threats that have undermined its autonomy, credibility, and reputation. Read more >

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The president’s budget signals a clear antipathy towards action on climate change, with a host of cuts to climate research, adaptation, and even energy efficiency and renewable energy. 

Trump’s Proposed 2020 Budget Takes Aim at Science (Again)

, executive director

Even a quick and high-level look at the budget proposal demonstrates that the Trump administration is out of touch with the American people. The proposed cuts to science are shockingly short-sighted and would have long-term implications for our nation’s scientific enterprise. Read more >

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Attendees at a December 2011 hearing on the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard. The EPA's Clean Air Act standards protect the health of all Americans, especially our children. Photo: USEPA/Flickr

A Comment Guide for Fighting the EPA’s Attacks on Mercury Standards and Cost-Benefit Analysis

, Policy Director and Lead Economist, Climate & Energy

EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler has issued a pernicious proposal to undermine a crucial clean air rule, the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for coal-fired power plants. More insidiously, the proposal attacks long-standing legal, economic and regulatory precedent on cost-benefit analysis—and as a result could have far-reaching consequences for many other public health protections. Read more >

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The Scientific Integrity Act is Good for Science and Good for Government

, Deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy

Today, Senator Schatz (D-HI) and Representative Tonko (D-NY) introduced the Scientific Integrity Act, legislation that would give scientists who work for government agencies the right to share their research with the public, ensure that government communication of science is accurate, and protect science in policy decisions from political interference. The bill empowers federal scientists to share their personal opinions as informed experts. And the bill prohibits any employee from censoring or manipulating scientific findings. Anyone reading this post should reach out to their representative and senators to urge co-sponsorship of this important bill. Read more >

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Photo: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Bury the Science, Then Claim It Doesn’t Exist: Interior Department Undermines Arctic Drilling Review

, Senior Fellow

Documents released this this week indicate that the Interior Department failed to consider internal memos from staff scientists raising scientific and environmental concerns about proposed oil and gas operations in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. These were not minor concerns; the memos described significant data gaps for understanding the area’s habitat. Read more >

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