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The partnership between science and democracy has played a huge role in U.S. history. But misinformation and attacks on science have strained that partnership. UCS science and democracy experts keep you informed on the latest developments, from Capitol Hill to local communities.

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Photo: EPA/Flickr

Kids and Mercury Don’t Mix. You Have 60 Days to Tell the Trump Administration.

, executive director

The public comment period for the administration’s proposed roll back of mercury rules for power plants opens on Thursday, February 7. It’s a crafty, nasty, and dangerous proposal that could expose children and communities to more toxic air pollution from power plants. You now have have 60 days to tell the EPA that they should be protecting public health and safety, not throwing science and common sense out the window. Read more >

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Two Years in, and the State of Our Union Is Weakened—but It’ll Be Strong Again

, president

We have a weakened president, a resurgent House of Representatives, new governors committed to state-level progress, and an engaged and mobilized public. Read more >

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Will the Real State of the Union Please Stand Up? 7 Things President Trump Won’t Say

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

What *should* be in the speech are some of the truly great challenges we need to tackle as a nation, from climate change to nuclear weapons, transportation to public health. So I’ll be watching , live-tweeting using the #RealSOTU hashtag, and highlighting some of the crucial facts that the president will not. I hope you can join me. Read more >

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EPA’s Administrator Must Be Serious About Protecting Us From PFAS. Wheeler Is Not.

, science and policy analyst, Center for Science and Democracy

After Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s confirmation hearing for the agency’s top job earlier this month, he responded to a long list of questions for the record that had been submitted by senators. In the questions related to the class of toxic chemicals, PFAS, Wheeler claimed that “EPA continues to take concrete steps, in cooperation with our federal and state partners, to address PFAS and ensure all Americans have access to clean and safe drinking water.” Yet, Politico reported earlier this week that the agency will not be setting an enforceable limit for the two most prevalent PFAS, PFOA and PFOS, in drinking water. Read more >

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Independent Science Takes Another Hit at the EPA: New Science Advisory Board Members Announced

, science and policy analyst, Center for Science and Democracy

The EPA released the names of eight new members yesterday. The verdict? Acting Administrator Wheeler is continuing the trend of undermining the independence and quality of scientific advice to the EPA, Read more >

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