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Solar panels in the desert
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Five Facts about Energy Storage that Every Californian Should Know

Matthew Beyer

If you aren’t already paying attention to energy storage, you should be. While most people admittedly don’t get giddy at the thought of a lithium ion battery, energy experts and policymakers do and they are becoming increasingly excited about the potential role energy storage can play in the future of electricity management. Read more >

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During Pandemic, It’s All Tricks and No Treats for Mars Wrigley Workers

, Food Systems & Health Analyst

Everybody knows eating too much candy can make you sick. But if that candy was made by Mars, chances are the workers who packaged and distributed it also put their health at risk.

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Tommy Carden (WWJ)
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Who Do You Trust?: Mobilization, Polarization and the Erosion of Public Expertise

David S. Meyer, author and professor , UCS

Ideally, experts, including scientists, provide the facts and the voice of the people weighs in on values. In real life, particularly now, it’s become far more complicated, demonstrated most clearly in the dilemmas of leadership in confronting COVID-19. Read more >

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