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Investing in Dietary Guidelines Will Leave Us Better Prepared for the Next Pandemic

, Food Systems & Health Analyst

As US cases of COVID-19 near 1.7 million, we continue to learn more about the nature of the disease, including the factors that influence susceptibility to COVID-19 and the severity of symptoms.

Some of these risk factors, like age and certain health conditions, are beyond our ability to control.

Others, we have a shot at improving. Read more >

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2019 ExxonMobil Shareholder meeting action/

BP, Chevron, and ExxonMobil Have a Lot to Answer for on Climate at their Annual Meetings

, climate accountability campaign director

We’ve decided to put out our questions for the leaders of fossil fuel companies ahead of their virtual annual shareholder meetings—so that journalists, advocates, and activists can amplify and follow up. Read more >

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Renewables Have Beaten Coal 100 Days Already This Year. What You Need to Know.

, Senior energy analyst

If you need some good news at a time when there’s plenty of the less-good sort, try this: Renewable energy is crossing some really important milestones in its contribution to the US power sector. The latest involve its generation relative to coal’s: A year-to-date performance for renewables that is dramatically above any previous year’s, and a streak going on right now that hints at where our electricity supply needs to head, with renewables overtaking fossil fuels day by day. Here’s why we’re hitting those milestones. Plus some important next steps—for keeping the transition going, and making sure everybody has an opportunity to be part of the change. Read more >

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¿Se han convertido las procesadoras cárnicas en bombas de relojería debido a la orden ejecutiva de Trump?

, Economist

El 28 de abril el Presidente Trump dictaminó, mediante una orden ejecutiva, que los mataderos y plantas procesadoras cárnicas siguieran fungiendo en plena pandemia por constituir “infraestructura crítica.” La orden advirtió que estos planteles deberían observar los lineamientos de la CDC (Centro Para el Control de la Enfermedad) para proteger a los trabajadores. Sin embargo, la orden reconoció que esos lineamientos son optativos, por lo cual no existen mecanismos que obliguen su uso. Las condiciones al momento son tan graves que el organismo AFL-CIO, representante de los mayores sindicatos obreros del país, anunció el 18 de mayo que demandaría a la Administración de Salud y Bienestar Ocupacional (OSHA, por sus siglas en inglés) por no proteger a los trabajadores americanos contra el COVID-19. Nosotros investigamos lo que pudiera ocurrir bajo la trayectoria presente a falta de remediar las circunstancias nocivas creadas por esta orden ejecutiva. Read more >

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Temporada peligrosa de huracanes comienza en medio de pandemia COVID-19

, climate scientist

COVID-19 nos tomó por asalto, pero probablemente no será la única amenaza que veremos este año. Read more >

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