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We’re All in This Together: Support and Solidarity for Our Heroes on the Front Lines

, executive director

As COVID-19 continues its exponential growth here at home, there is plenty of material to post in my Profiles in Cowardice series — like the confusion, disinformation and rosy forecasts coming from the White House on a daily basis. Or the unconscionable lack of testing and the unpardonable delays in getting basic protections to our nation’s workers who are putting themselves on the front-line of this pandemic every day. I honestly wouldn’t know where to begin.

So, I am shifting the frame today to Profiles in Courage.

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JC Gellidon/Unsplash
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Pollution released by refinery fire. Greg Kunit/Creative Commons (Flickr)

While You Were Focused on COVID-19, EPA Gave Polluters Free Rein, Threatening At-Risk Communities

, Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist

On March 26, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued an order–retroactive to March 13–giving polluters the power to “self-regulate,” suspending environmental enforcement and giving industry a free pass to pollute. This is the latest and most brazen act by an administration determined to remove any semblance of federal environmental oversight or protections for the public. Read more >

Greg Kunit/Creative Commons (Flickr)
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White House

On Coronavirus, Bypass the White House and Turn to the Experts

, Deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy

Every presidential “press conference” broadcast live weakens our collective ability to deal with COVID-19. Read more >

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Pandemic Exposes Plight of Food Workers Who Have Long Fought for Justice

, Food Systems & Health Analyst

The rapid spread of COVID-19, with confirmed US cases now nearing 100,000, is forcing the federal government to confront some stark realities. Notably, the pandemic has pulled back the curtain on the US food system and the millions of workers behind it—and in the process, has underscored the need for the basic rights many farm and food workers have been fighting for all along. Read more >

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