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Peter Wright’s Nomination Means Superfund Conflicts of Interest in Almost All 50 States

, science and policy analyst, Center for Science and Democracy

We can’t afford to have another industry apologist making the calls about whether or not communities should be cleaned up. Read more >

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Department of the Interior. Photo: Matthew G. Bisanz. CC-BY-2.0 Wikimedia.

DOI Caught Lying About a Staff Purge. Congress Has Questions

, Senior Fellow, Center for Science and Democracy

Last week, the Interior Department Inspector General’s office released its report on Secretary Ryan Zinke’s controversial mass reassignment of senior executives last summer, requested by alarmed Senators shortly after the reassignments took place. 

Secretary Zinke does not like what they found.   Read more >

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Vehicle pollution is a major issue for human health and the environment.

Scott Pruitt’s Regulatory Rollback Recipe  

, senior policy and legal analyst, Clean Vehicles

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt continues to stack the deck in favor of industry interests. At least two members appointed by Pruitt to the EPA Science Advisory Board received funding to conduct misleading research that EPA used to justify reexamining vehicle fuel efficiency standards – a regulation forecast to save consumers over $1 trillion, cut global warming emissions by billions of metric tons, and advance 21st century vehicle technology. Read more >

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The White House Clearly Does Not Like the EPA’s “Secret Science” Plan

, Deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy

The EPA’s plan to limit the types of science that the  EPA can use to make decisions may run into an unusual roadblock: the White House itself. In a Senate hearing yesterday, New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan questioned White House official Neomi Rao about the EPA plan (watch here, beginning at 59:02), and the answers suggest that the EPA and the White House are not on the same page. Read more >

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Brace Yourself for Unhealthy Air: The Trump Administration Weakens Clean Air Protections

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

The president’s order is bad news for anyone that breathes air in this country. Read more >

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