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Richard Ezike is the Mobility and Equity Kendall Science Fellow with the Clean Vehicles program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. His interests lie in the intersection of equity, accessibility, and providing opportunity for every person to a robust transportation system. See Richard's full bio.

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Photo: Grendelkhan/Wikimedia Commons

It’s Time to Implement Stronger Autonomous Vehicle Testing Standards

The widespread introduction of autonomous vehicles could potentially bring about many benefits, most importantly the benefit of improved safety. Autonomous vehicles are being tested in several states and provinces, California has been working with testing companies under a regulatory framework, while states like Arizona have allowed free reign to the companies to test the vehicles on the public roads, with a backup human in the driver seat to compensate for any failures in the software. However, what happens if the driver gets distracted and loses focus? Or when the autonomous system doesn’t have a sufficient way of warning the driver that they need to take over? Read more >

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Man in a wheelchair getting inside a car.

What is the Connection Between New Mobility and Transportation Equity?

Will self-driving cars help or hurt the mobility of low-income people and people of color? Read more >

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