2020 election

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Three Tips for Getting Political Candidates on the Record About Science

, Research Analyst

One of the most devastating lessons we’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic is that when science is sidelined by the government, people pay for it with their lives. As we approach 200,000 people dead due to the novel coronavirus in the US, along with millions of sick and hospitalized, it is the responsibility of all of us to encourage our government representatives to restore the role of science in policymaking during the pandemic and beyond.

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Which States Are Prepared for the 2020 Election?

, Kendall Science Fellow

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic poses a major threat to the November 2020 election. Congress must act now, and act decisively, to help states protect the lives of millions of voters as they exercise their most fundamental right as citizens. Read more >

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A poll worker with a face mask sorts election materials in a polling station in Wisconsin during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Wisconsin Center for Investigative Reporting

5 Critical Facts about the Health of US Elections You Should Know

, Deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy

This is a post about making sure our election system works during the COVID-19 pandemic. It highlights five key facts you should know about US elections, plus three ways you can take action now to help fight for a healthy democracy. Read more >

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