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EPA Watchdog Report Reveals a Failure to Talk to Communities with Higher Ethylene Oxide Health Risks

, Lead science and policy analyst

The EPA’s watchdog, the Office of Inspector General (IG), released a report this week that highlights how inadequate EPA’s communication around the hazardous air pollutant, ethylene oxide, has been in communities that need information most. The IG’s report confirms what communities have been saying for months and recommends that EPA take urgent action to engage with all communities near ethylene oxide-emitting facilities to let them know about the real and present dangers associated with exposure. Read more >

Photo: Roy Luck/Flickr
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Big UCS Win! Court Questions EPA Limits on Science Advisory Committees

, Deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy

Now, for some good news: the First Circuit Court of Appeals today ruled that UCS’s lawsuit challenging the politicization of EPA science advisory committees may move forward. UCS sued the agency over a new directive that prohibits EPA grant-funded scientists from serving on these committees. Read more >

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Exposure to Air Pollution from Vehicles in Illinois Is Inequitable — It Doesn’t Have to Be

, Senior vehicles engineer

Exposure to PM2.5 pollution from cars, trucks, and buses varies greatly within Illinois. Concentrations are highest in urban areas and downwind of those areas; Chicago and its immediate surroundings are affected the most. Cook County, including Chicago, not only has the state’s highest PM2.5 pollution exposure, but it also is one of the nation’s worst affected counties. Read more >

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Blowing the Cover Off the “Cleanest Air” Sparkle of the Trump Administration

, Senior Energy analyst

The Trump administration has repeatedly claimed to want clean air—the cleanest air—but behind the administration’s rhetoric the truth of its actions still stands. It simply cannot obfuscate away the fact that this administration has aggressively, repeatedly, and profoundly attacked the public health protections that keep us safe from harmful air pollutants. Read more >

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Anthony Eyring/UCS

Dark Rhymes for Dark Times: New Storybook Illustrates Threats to Children’s Health

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

Today, the Union of Concerned Scientists releases a storybook for people who care about kids. With colorful illustrations and amusing rhymes, it illustrates how science keeps our children protected—and how the current administration is working to dismantle that. You’ll see from the storybook passages used as headers below, it is both entertaining and disturbing to be confronted with the reality of new threats to our children’s health. Read more >

Anthony Eyring/UCS
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