Andrew Wheeler

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

5 (Recent) Actions That Epitomize Andrew Wheeler’s Caustic Chemical Safety Legacy

, Senior Analyst

The Trump administration’s legacy is truly toxic, in the literal sense of the word. Read more >

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Photo: pxfuel

The EPA’s Dirty Water: New Rule Discards Science, Ignores Importance of Wetlands and Tributaries

In its latest act of abdication, the Environmental Protection Agency has published its Navigable Waters Protection Rule in the Federal Register, removing protections from half of America’s wetlands and a fifth of streams and tributary headwaters. Read more >

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EPA Science Advisory Board’s Job Gets Harder—and More Important—By the Minute

, Senior Analyst

As the nation is thrust into the most devastating period of the COVID-19 outbreak, EPA is pushing forward several destructive policy decisions while loosening enforcement requirements for polluters—even as emerging evidence shows that air pollution is making the pandemic more deadly. In the midst of all of this, the EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) is attempting to review recent deregulatory actions, despite new changes to its own decisionmaking process issued by Administrator Wheeler earlier this year. Read more >

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EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler Photo: USDA/Flickr

The Trump EPA Is Restricting EPA Science. It’s Somehow Worse than We Expected.

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

Yesterday the Trump administration issued a supplemental notice to a draft rule long feared by many in the public health and scientific communities as a major disruption to science-based policy as we know it. Here are five initial takeaways. Read more >

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Photo: Pixabay

Let the Children Breathe Particulate Matter: How the Trump Administration’s Polluted Policies Are Hurting Children

The administration is letting industries, power generators, and our transportation systems spew fine particulate matter and heavy metals straight into the lungs of our kids. This is not okay. Read more >

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