Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Photo: Edwin Butter/Shutterstock

Interior Department Suppresses Study on Polar Bears to Plunder Alaska’s Arctic, Then Caves to Pressure

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

Interior’s decision to allow drilling in the Alaskan Arctic skirts the law and sidelines science in order to make a wholly political decision. And that’s wrong. Read more >

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Photo: USFWS/Flickr

Sabotaged Science in the Arctic Refuge: Interior Department Works to Undermine Its Own Scientists

, Senior fellow

In a blatant attack on scientific integrity, the Interior Department is opening the door for fossil fuel interests to undermine a peer-reviewed study on the impacts of seismic testing on denning polar bears. Read more >

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Photo: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Bury the Science, Then Claim It Doesn’t Exist: Interior Department Undermines Arctic Drilling Review

, Senior fellow

Documents released this this week indicate that the Interior Department failed to consider internal memos from staff scientists raising scientific and environmental concerns about proposed oil and gas operations in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. These were not minor concerns; the memos described significant data gaps for understanding the area’s habitat. Read more >

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