Preventing Asthma: Searching “Upstream” for the Evidence

Felix Aguilar, MD
, , UCS

The buzzing sound of a hand-held nebulizer has become background noise at my clinic. It sounds like a hive of bees moving noisily. Everyday children and adults in South Los Angeles get asthma treatments at community clinics because of exacerbations, also known as asthma attacks. I am a family physician with over a decade of work at community clinics in the poorest areas of Los Angeles. Read more >

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A Look Toward Dangerous Summer Air with Asthma Awareness Month

, former climate scientist, Climate & Energy Program

Of my many childhood memories, most of which can be looked back at with a smile and involved sports in some way, one that stands out with a great deal of clarity was my first asthma attack. Read more >

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