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100 Days into Biden’s Presidency, Science Is Bouncing Back

One year ago today, the nation was enduring hell.

63,000 people in the US were dead from COVID-19. 20 million people had lost jobs. Political officials—desperate to hide the severity of the pandemic and their failures to contain it—had muzzled experts. Federal science, which had been vulnerable to political assault for decades, lost even more ground. Read more >

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A New Day for Science: President Biden’s Big Plan for Scientific Integrity And What Comes Next

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

Today, the Biden Administration releases a presidential memo on scientific integrity and evidence-based policymaking, setting the stage for the administration’s efforts to build back from the Trump administration’s unprecedented assault on science and strengthen protections for science and scientists across the government. This is big and it puts science on the agenda like never before. Here’s my take on today’s bold actions and what we should watch in the coming months and years. Read more >

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Ask a Scientist: What Should the Biden Administration and Congress Do to Address the Climate Crisis?

, senior writer

For all the promises on climate action that President-elect Biden has made, some nagging questions remain: Given the constraints of a closely divided Congress, how much will the Biden administration truly be able to accomplish? And even with the United States rejoining the Paris accord, will countries live up to its promise to keep the Earth’s temperature in check? For some answers, I turned to Climate and Energy Program Policy Director Rachel Cleetus Read more >

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