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Thank Science for Vaccines – Not Funders, Industries, or Politicians

, Research scientist

Science deserves all credit for the development of vaccines that will slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. While acknowledgement should certainly be given to those who have provided resources for the research, ultimately these individuals or organizations could not develop a vaccine without science. And those that have decided to selectively embrace science behind the development of a vaccine, while sidelining the science on nearly all other issues for political reasons, certainly do not deserve credit. Read more >

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Photo: Roy Luck/CC BY 2.0 (Flickr)

Breaking Up (with Stuff) is Hard to Do: Are We Biologically Predisposed to Collect Stuff?

Mary Poffenroth, , UCS

Have you ever wondered why we enjoy stuff so much? We definitely enjoy buying it. Depending on what it is, we also enjoy talking about it. We research it, we browse for it, and we feel triumphant when we find that perfect something. But why? Read more >

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Science shows that voting by mail is safe and secure

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