5 Takeaways From Algae Week in Washington

, former senior fuels engineer

I’ve been interested in algae for many years, since algae are unique and versatile organisms whose biomass can have a wide variety of uses. The prospects for leveraging algae to tackle food security, energy security, complex chemical synthesis and most significantly, climate change, are stimulating billions in investments and making the emerging algae industry very interesting to follow. Read more >

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Clean Up on Aisle Six! Tax Reform and an Opportunity for Better Biofuels

, Senior policy and legal analyst

There are folks who will tell you that as American citizens, we have a solemn responsibility to complain about taxes. And ideological bluster aside, they have a point: our tax code is a complete mess. The latest attempt at taking a legislative mop to this mess comes from the Senate Finance Committee, led by Chairman Baucus (D-MT) and Ranking Member Hatch (R-UT). These two members recently outlined a proposal to “wipe the slate clean” and start tax policy over from scratch. Read more >

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Proposal 3: Wind Companies Ready to Create Jobs in Michigan

, Senior energy analyst

Dozens of wind energy manufacturers, developers, and suppliers are encouraging Michiganders to vote ‘Yes’ on Proposal 3 as a way to strengthen the state’s renewable energy standard and economy. And that’s just the tip of the job-creating iceberg. Read more >

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