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Pandemic’s Stay-at-Home Order Shrinks California Energy Demand

, Western States Energy Manager and Senior Analyst

With many staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, energy use in California is changing. Last Tuesday, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) released a report showing reductions in energy demand and energy prices following stay at home orders from some California counties in mid-March and the March 20 statewide stay at home order. California saw more significant reductions in weekday energy use compared to weekend energy use.

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T. Toochinda/Unsplash
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The Biggest Step To-Date on Electric Trucks

, senior vehicles analyst

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) released the final draft of the Advanced Clean Trucks standard, a policy that will require truck manufacturers to make electric trucks. Under this policy, a given percentage of truck manufacturers’ sales in California must be battery or fuel cell electric vehicles beginning in model year 2024. The policy applies to truck manufacturers that sell more than 500 trucks annually in the state. Ten companies currently meet this threshold (brands in parentheses): Daimler (Freightliner, Thomas Built Buses, Western Star), Paccar (Kenworth, Peterbilt), Navistar (International, IC Bus), Ford, GM (Chevrolet, GMC), Fiat Chrysler (Dodge), Nissan, Isuzu, Toyota (Hino), and Volvo Group. Read more >

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California’s Electric Sector is About to Veer Off Track in Fight Against Climate Change

, Energy analyst

For decades, California has been a world leader in the fight against climate change. But as the years pass by and California’s climate change goals become increasingly ambitious, the pathway to achieve the state’s goals is becoming more challenging. California’s electric sector has, historically, been the shining star of decarbonization, but now that the state needs its electric sector to ratchet down emissions faster than ever before, California’s electric sector is poised to let us all down Read more >

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Will Climate Change Impact My Retirement? CalPERS, CalSTRS Reports Shed Some Light

, Corporate Analyst and Engagement Specialist

Adrienne Alvord contributed to this report

Imagine that you had $650 billion. After you Scrooge McDuck into a swimming pool of gold coins, you’ll probably want to put some of that money into the stock market. But with the ongoing climate crisis, you’ll need to think carefully about what climate-related financial risks your investments might face. Read more >

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Lessons from California in 2019: The Challenges of Adapting to Climate Change

, senior climate scientist

There’s a perception in the US that California is a place of extremes, that it’s unique among US states—an outlier. Yet many of the state’s societal and climatic extremes, from widening income inequality to the precipitation whiplash we’ve experienced in recent years, are reflections of issues facing the nation as a whole rather than exceptions to the rule. Read more >

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