chemical exposure

“Excuse Me, Sir, Are There Chemicals in That?” Why TSCA Reform Needs to Improve Our Chemical Safety

, Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy

As any air traffic controller will tell you, sometimes having more information can be a burden.  As a pregnant environmental engineer with pollutant exposure knowledge, I’ve never been more convinced of this.  Knowing that there are chemicals in the environment that could be harmful to my growing baby makes me hyper-aware of what I’m exposed to, for how long, and at what quantities. Read more >

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Why Community-Based Research Matters to Science and People

Lauren Richter, Doctoral Student
, , UCS

When and how does research serve people? When and how does community-based participatory research improve the “rigor, relevance and reach” of science itself? Today we are witnessing an increase in collaborative research projects that seek to address environmental and environmental health issues in polluted communities. While an academic scientist may have access to labs and facilities, a community living near an industrial-scale hog farm in North Carolina may have unique insights about the types of exposures and acute and chronic health impacts they routinely feel and observe. Read more >

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