Chevrolet Volt

The Day the Electric Car Died and What it Means for Today

, former deputy director, Clean Vehicles

Ok, so electric cars are anything but dead—there are more than 30 models expected from automakers in the next few years—and you don’t have to look far to see the passion they provoke in their owners. But electric cars have had many a brush with death in a battle for the hearts and minds of American drivers that has gone on more than a century. Read more >

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Leaf vs. Volt, by the (Sales) Numbers

, former research director, Clean Vehicles

In the world of eco-friendly, advanced-tech vehicles, no debate today rages stronger than that of the all-electric vehicle vs. the plug-in hybrid. One design is pure, elegant, but with an Achilles heel. The other, a perfect blend of two near-but-not-quite-perfect systems. Read more >

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