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Let the Children Breathe Particulate Matter: How the Trump Administration’s Polluted Policies Are Hurting Children

The administration is letting industries, power generators, and our transportation systems spew fine particulate matter and heavy metals straight into the lungs of our kids. This is not okay. Read more >

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U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue visits and serves bacon cheeseburgers for lunch to some of the Discovery Elementary School students, in Arlington, VA, during National School Lunch Week, October 15-19, 2018. USDA Photo by Lance Cheung.

From School Lunch to SNAP, New Attacks on Kids’ Health and Nutrition

, senior analyst, Food and Environment

Life comes at you fast, and so does the Trump administration’s ongoing assault on children’s health. Over the last many months, my colleagues in the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Center for Science and Democracy have been hard at work rounding up stories of action or inaction, at agencies from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and beyond, that put the nation’s children in greater danger. Their report and related not-really-for-kids-storybook came out last week, and I encourage you to read them both.

But sadly, the tally is already a bit out of date. Even as our report was in press, the administration was jumping on a few more opportunities to put kids at risk.

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The Trump Administration’s Disappointing Efforts to Prevent Lead Poisoning in Children

, Research Analyst

One of the longest running epidemics in the history of the US is the poisoning of our children with lead. But, as we discuss in our new report on children’s health, the Trump administration is failing to enact or enforce comprehensive measures based on the science that protect children from lead poisoning. Read more >

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Are Your Children Vaping? On Vaping and a Need for Science-Based Policy

, Research scientist

Teens and young adults across the country are dying from vaping. Yet, the Trump administration has chosen not to take the appropriate steps to fix this pandemic. Read more >

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Asbestos, Ubiquitous and Avoidable, Is a Deadly Threat to Our Kids

Asbestos is a lesser known, but no less potent, member of the American annual “40,000 Death Club.” And nowhere in America is the disintegration of asbestos as evident as in the nation’s schools. Read more >

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