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The Capitol Building Phil Roeder / CC BY 2.0 (Creative Commons)

For Years, the Federal Workforce Languished. Congress is Planning to Revive It

The last administration tried to undermine the federal workforce. That’s going to change. Read more >

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Civil Servants are Becoming More Visible Heroes, and the Public is Noticing

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

It’s tough reading or listening to the news these days, from impeachment to racial attacks to sidelining science. But what is that? I think I see one! A ray of hope in all of the storm clouds: a growing appreciation for the role of civil servants in our country. Read more >

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New Threats To Whistleblowers

, sr. Washington rep., Center for Science & Democracy

Do you believe that an employee working at a Defense Department commissary holds a position “sensitive” to our national security? If you answered, “No,” think again. Recently a federal judge held that someone who works at a base commissary could get valuable information about troop movements by observing how many sunglasses were ordered. Really? I think a terrorist might be more likely to use Google Earth than rely on a report of sunglass supplies. Read more >

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