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Why Solar-with-Storage is a Leap Forward

, Senior energy analyst

Falling costs for both renewable energy and batteries has led to amazing offers to build hybrid plants. In regions where utilities seek contract price bids from new plants, renewable-storage hybrids are winning in side-by-side competition with conventional power plants. Understanding energy storage has become all the more important as the current wave of power plant proposals pair storage with renewables. Read more >

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Photo by Bao Chau on Unsplash

The Minnesota Senate Must Do Better on Clean Energy Legislation: Here’s How

, lead Midwest energy analyst

Right now, the Minnesota legislature has a chance to do something big on clean energy—but will the Senate step up to make it happen? Read more >

Bao Chau/Unsplash
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Wolfgang Rottmann/Unsplash

California’s Electric Sector is About to Veer Off Track in Fight Against Climate Change

, Energy analyst

For decades, California has been a world leader in the fight against climate change. But as the years pass by and California’s climate change goals become increasingly ambitious, the pathway to achieve the state’s goals is becoming more challenging. California’s electric sector has, historically, been the shining star of decarbonization, but now that the state needs its electric sector to ratchet down emissions faster than ever before, California’s electric sector is poised to let us all down Read more >

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UniEnergy Technologies/Wikimedia Commons

Storage Could Catch Up to Wind and Solar’s Quick Growth

, Senior energy analyst

In recent years, the use of renewable energy has grown so much that three states (Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma) have over 30% of their electricity production coming from wind power. Presently, solar is the fastest growing energy type, and annual construction of solar is now beating both gas plants and wind farms in some years.

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UniEnergy Technologies/Wikimedia Commons
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A public charger for an electric vehicle in Bemidji, MN
Clean Energy Resource/Flickr

Minnesota Utility Programs Are Latest Target in Oil Industry War on EVs

, Clean Vehicles Analyst

The oil industry has undertaken a concerted effort to discredit and delay electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Minnesota, and the State’s Public Utilities Commission has become a key venue for the fight over the future of utility EV programs and EV adoption generally. At the Commission, groups of oil-interested parties have been exercising all avenues open to them to work against EVs. Read more >

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