Lake Oroville reaches record low levels in 2014 California Department of Water Resources

El cambio climático representa un gran desafío para la gestión del agua en California

, Western States Climate Scientist

A pesar de que algunos políticos siguen ignorando el cambio climático, la ciencia es clara: el cambio climático ya esta aquí, es creado por seres humanos, vienen aún más impactos, y nuestras acciones son importantes.

En este blog destaco varios desafíos que está trayendo el cambio climático para la gestión del agua en California, y cómo el estado y las agencias de gestión de agua pueden responder. Este blog es un resumen de resultados obtenidos a partir de un análisis de proyecciones de modelos climáticos para el estado de California. Los detalles de la investigación se presentan en un artículo científico y en un reporte de UCS titulado Troubled Waters. Read more >

NOAA and California Department of Water Resources
Troubled Waters (UCS Report)
Troubled Waters (UCS Report)
California Department of Water Resources
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5 of California’s 6 Largest Fires on Record Are Burning Now: The Astonishing 2020 Wildfire Season in Context

, senior climate scientist

Editor’s note: This post has been revised to reflect the most accurate data on fire acreage in the 1980s. The original relied on data from the NIFC for 1980-1983 and the updated version excludes this period, as the data are less reliable. The 1980s statistics now reflect data from MTBS and CalFire.

California is a state that burns. Like epic snowstorms in Tahoe, fog in San Francisco, and the dry heat of Palm Springs, wildfires are a natural feature of California’s climate—and like all of those, wildfire is changing because of global warming. Rising temperatures are drying out soils, plants, and forests, which then act as fuel for increasingly large fires.

When you’re far from the fires, or when their smoke isn’t cloaking your neighborhood, it can be difficult to conceive of their scale. Here are nine graphics that put this year’s fires into context. Read more >

Mike Lewelling/National Park Service
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My Testimony on Climate Change Before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform

, Policy Director and Lead Economist, Climate & Energy

Last week, I had the opportunity to testify before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, Subcommittee on the Environment, at a hearing entitled ‘Climate Change, Part IV: Moving Towards a Sustainable Future.’ Below is my oral testimony, as prepared (shortened a bit during delivery to respect time constraints). Also, here is a link to my written testimony, as submitted to the committee.

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Black EV charging
Andrew Roberts/Unsplash

Why is the Transition to Clean Cars by 2035 Critical? To Avoid Worsening Impacts of Climate Change and Air Pollution

, Senior vehicles engineer

California is already seeing the impact of climate change, with droughts, heat waves, and of course the unprecedented wildfires seen this summer. If the state follows through on the recent announcement from California’s Governor Newsom setting a target of 100% zero emission new car sales by 2035 and other states and countries follow, we can avoid even worse impacts of climate change. Read more >

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Josh G./Flickr

Michigan Governor Whitmer’s Big Step Forward on Climate Leadership

, lead Midwest energy analyst

Yesterday, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced a broad set of actions called the MI Healthy Climate Plan to help move the state toward a healthier and more prosperous future.
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Flickr/Josh G.
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Science shows that voting by mail is safe and secure

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