BP´s 2019 Annual Report Holds Clues to How It Will Meet Grand Climate Goals (But No Definitive Answer)

, Corporate Analyst and Engagement Specialist

We combed through BP’s freshly released 2019 annual report, which offers a glimmer of insight into how it intends to meet the climate ambitions it set out last month with much fanfare. Read more >

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Greg Kunit/Creative Commons (Flickr)

Before Bailing Out Fossil Fuel Companies or Their Bankers, Congress Should Read This

, climate accountability campaign director

A new report released last week by a range of organizations provides valuable information and guidance that might help us rebuild the economy and the energy system around principles of justice, transparency, and science-based decisionmaking. It may not be top of mind as the world faces a growing pandemic. However, it includes research that legislators should bear in mind as they consider economic stimulus measures, potentially including aid to banks and fossil fuel companies that are behind the climate crisis which still looms. Behind the COVID-19 threat, our climate emergency continues to require swift and deep emissions reductions to ensure a stable climate. Read more >

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6 Ways the Agricultural Resilience Act Equips Farmers to Fight the Climate Crisis with Science

, senior scientist

Last month, Representative Chellie Pingree (D ME-1) introduced a bold and comprehensive policy proposal—the Agricultural Resilience Act (ARA, H.R.5861)—to set farmers up with the tools they need to tackle the climate crisis. At a time when farmers are on the heels of a difficult year and preparing for another season, the new proposal offers a welcome dose of hope and inspiration. Even better, it’s steeped in science.  Read more >

Lance Cheung/USDA
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Russ Munn/AgStock Images

Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture in the Midwest

, Energy policy analyst

I spoke with UCS Science Network Member, Dr. Ursula Melissa Ruiz Vera, to hear more about her research regarding the impacts of elevated CO2 combined with increases in temperature on the photosynthesis, development, and productivity of today’s most important Midwest crops, soybeans and maize. Read more >

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A Resilience Roadmap: Fulfilling Agriculture’s Role as a Climate Solution

, Senior Manager of Government Affairs

America has many stories. In children’s books and classroom texts, the stories we tell of our collective experience vary widely and yet still, somehow, coexist. There are stories of genuine opportunity and of great success that inspire us. And there are also stories of senseless tragedy and systemic oppression which urgently demand attention and action. Throughout our shared history, a defining thread running throughout these stories has been resilience: the ability to withstand setbacks and keep moving forward. Read more >

Preston Keres/USDA
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