Science and Environmental Communities Call on Biden, Congress to Decarbonize Transportation and Power Generation

, Senior manager of govt. affairs

President Biden recently unveiled his American Jobs Plan— a two trillion-dollar package with significant investments in infrastructure, advanced technologies, and jobs that will reduce our global warming emissions.  Next week, he will host the Leaders’ Climate Summit on Earth Day where he will likely announce how he wants us to re-engage with the rest of the world on climate, including some specifics on our national contribution to reducing emissions as we re-enter the Paris Climate agreement (yay!).

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ExxonMobil Versus Chevron: Fight for Second-to-Last Place Among Fossil Fuel Companies Has Begun

, Corporate Analyst and Engagement Specialist

Soon it will be annual general meeting (AGM) season. Much like last year, UCS will be attending the annual meetings virtually due to the pandemic. I’ll be addressing three broad themes here – EU versus US climate action, the need for climate lobbying disclosure, and Chevron and ExxonMobil’s fight to not be the worst. Read more >

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Imagen de satélite de Texas cubierto de nieve/NOAA

El vórtice polar ha matado a 24 en Texas hasta ahora. ¿De quién es la culpa?

, climate scientist

Mientras observamos que la mayor parte del país se ve afectada por este vórtice polar, reflexionamos si el cambio climático tiene algo que ver con él y si es más probable que ocurran estos eventos extremos en el futuro. Estamos paralizados ante las imágenes provenientes de Texas, donde el hielo se apoderó de la mayor parte de un estado que no estaba acostumbrado y, ciertamente, no estaba preparado para ello. Escuchamos sobre los cortes de energía, qué los causó (o no) y qué se debe hacer para prepararse para el próximo congelamiento. Sin embargo, cuando pensamos en eso, las perspectivas de las personas que lo están pasando son un componente importante de la historia que hay que contar.

Mi colega Maegan Ramirez es oriunda de El Paso, y tiene mucho que decir sobre la situación en Texas. Supuse que lo oiríamos en su propia voz. Read more >

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Power Outages in Texas and California Have Less in Common than You Think

, Energy analyst

Chances are that you’ve already heard about the ongoing power outages in Texas and other nearby states. If you haven’t gotten the message already, the situation is dire and totally unprecedented. In the midst of a historic cold snap, electricity demand has outstripped supply by a massive amount. Faced with no other choice, the electrical grid operator in Texas shut off power to millions of Texans early Monday morning, and many are still without power even now. Read more >

NWS Austin/San Antonio
Larry D. Moore/Wikimedia
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The Oregon State Capitol Oregon Department of Transportation/Flickr

Will Oregon Join the Race to 100% Clean Energy?

, Western States Energy Manager and Senior Analyst

Climate change touches on so many parts of our lives, and the impacts of climate change have been especially devastating over the past year. But there are some signs of hope – like what’s happening in Oregon. This year, Oregon’s legislature has the opportunity to adopt a 100% clean energy target. Read more >

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