Science is Alive and Well in Maine

Ivan J. Fernandez, Professor and Scientist, , UCS

Over the past four years in the United States there has been an undeniable weakening of the role that science plays in climate change policy and beyond. Here in Maine, the prior governor all but halted efforts to address climate change in Maine despite the evidence at hand. However, if we have learned anything from COVID-19, it is that when the forces of nature and society line up, for good or bad, things can happen fast. Read more >

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Who Is in Charge When You Flip the Light Switch?

, Senior energy analyst

A power struggle for control and governance of the power grid is going on right now. In the week following the attack on the US Capitol, states are working together in the Mid-Atlantic region, and utility oversight is under review in New England. Read more >

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Flickr/Office of Governor Baker

Massachusetts, Urge Gov. Baker to Sign Climate Bill

, Senior energy analyst

Massachusetts’s next step on addressing climate change has made its way to Gov. Charlie Baker’s desk. The state legislature passed a solid climate-energy-justice bill this week that needs the governor’s signature now to become law. Read more >

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US Department of Defense, photo by Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Brian Bolin Jr.

Congress Continues to Affirm that Climate Security is National Security

, Climate Resilience Analyst

With the enactment of the FY21 NDAA, Congress again demonstrates bipartisan support for increasing the military’s readiness to a climate change-fueled future. Read more >

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5 Climate Change Lessons from 2020

, senior climate scientist

Climate change was deeply woven into the story of 2020. Read more >

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