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Coal Power Trends: Visualizing the Decline of America’s Dirtiest Fuel

, Senior energy analyst

America’s dirtiest fuel is on the decline. Policy, market development, and technological progress are playing pivotal roles in this transition. While these components continue to change and progress, it’s important to recognize how far we’ve come to help us keep the momentum going. UCS Schneider Fellow Emma Spellman offers new visuals to helps us do just that. Read more >

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Old coal-burning power plants have the greatest emissions per energy delivered. Photo: snowpeak/Wikimedia Commons

Why Would Illinois Want More Pollution from Coal Power?

, Energy policy analyst

Changes to an important state air pollution standard are being considered by the Illinois Pollution Control Board this summer. My colleagues and I found striking differences among the Dynegy plants that would be affected by the proposed rule change to be decided on as soon as Thursday August 23. Under the current Illinois Multi-Pollutant Standard (MPS), the Dynegy coal plants that cause the most harm to Illinois residents are the ones more likely to be closed or be upgraded with air pollution control technology. But if the Pollution Control Board adopts Dynegy’s proposal to change how state air pollution limits are calculated, it could result in the company closing its cleaner plants and keeping its dirtiest plants open because it would no longer need the cleanest plants in its fleet to comply with the state requirements. My colleague James Gignac, lead analyst in the Midwest Climate and Energy Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), further reflects on the impacts of the proposed change to the MPS, below. Read more >

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