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Scientist in the Field: On the Ground in Flooded Florida Neighborhoods

, climate scientist

In some cases children couldn’t get to their school bus stops. One resident had to walk through contaminated flood waters and subsequently had a leg infection. Another resident told me that in order to take the trash out, she had to cover her legs in garbage bags. There are already so many stories of people struggling to deal with tidal flooding. Read more >

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How Do We Make Scientists Human?

, former deputy director, Center for Science & Democracy

There are hundreds of thousands of scientists in the United States. Add the engineers, medical doctors, economists, public health professionals, and others and we’re talking millions. Millions of experts who could use their knowledge and training to help make sure that public policies are informed by science. And yet, many people think they don’t know a single scientist. So how do we bridge that gap? Read more >

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Fracking and Community Action: Make Your Voice Heard!

with Kate Konschnik,, , director, Center for Science & Democracy

Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) is unlocking unconventional oil and gas resources and transforming our energy profile. Within the last decade, we have seen a steady uptick in domestic oil and gas production, a dramatic drop in American natural gas prices, and the retirement of old coal plants forced out of the market by more efficient gas-fired energy. We’ve seen oil and gas production in places where it never before existed, and a remarkable scale and intensity of development. Read more >

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Survey Says? Forum Attendees Shed Light on the Public’s Discussion on Hydraulic Fracturing

, former analyst, Center for Science & Democracy

Following the Center for Science and Democracy’s second successful Branscomb forum this past July, Science, Democracy, and Community Decisions on Fracking, we released a toolkit to help communities become more actively engaged on this important issue: Science, Democracy, and Fracking: A Guide for Community Residents and Policy Makers Facing Decisions over Hydraulic Fracturing. Read more >

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