COVID-19 and the Coronavirus Pandemic

UCS experts are closely tracking the ongoing outbreak and monitoring attempts by the Trump administration to sideline scientists and public health experts. Photo from the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Bureau of Laboratories.

7 Common Excuses People Use to Avoid Wearing Masks, and Why Science Says They’re Wrong

, Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist

Seven reasons, mostly based on misinformation about masks, that people often use to explain why they choose not to wear masks, and the science that proves them wrong. Read more >

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Masks: What the Science Says, and What Lies Ahead

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, health experts have advised the public on the use of masks. Today, the consensus is clear—mask up!—but the whys and hows of mask-wearing have changed over time. Here’s what we know now, and what we must do to stay safe. Read more >

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Science Is Taking Center Stage in President-Elect Biden’s Plan to Combat COVID-19

, Research Analyst

In a positive and encouraging sign, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris announced last Monday the formation of a Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board—made up entirely of doctors, scientists, and former governmental health officials—and presented an updated version of their COVID-19 pandemic response plan. Read more >

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Photo: KonstantinV9/Shutterstock

Fighting the Pandemic Can’t Wait for Inauguration Day

Science to fight COVID-19 is returning to the White House, but with only moral authority at Biden’s command for now, it is on the nation to unify around the science at hand to control the virus. It starts by treating the simple object of a mask as our momentary American flag. To fight this virus we must be indivisible, where individual liberties must concede to the health of all. If we do not, Inauguration Day will be far grimmer than it should be. Read more >

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Photo: H_Ko/Shutterstock

Herding People to Slaughter: The Dangerous Fringe Theory behind the Great Barrington Declaration and Push toward Herd Immunity

Officials at the highest levels are discussing the possibility of caving in on controlling the coronavirus and instead letting it run rampant throughout the United States until we reach “herd immunity,” the point where the virus runs out of people to infect. More than 6,200 scientists, health professionals, and research organizations say this is inhumane and have signed a memorandum rejecting herd immunity as a legitimate strategy. Read more >

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