COVID-19 and the Coronavirus Pandemic

UCS experts are closely tracking the ongoing outbreak, working to ensure a science-based response to the pandemic. and monitoring any attempts by federal and state leaders to sideline scientists and public health experts. Photo from the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Bureau of Laboratories.

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Fighting the Pandemic Can’t Wait for Inauguration Day

Science to fight COVID-19 is returning to the White House, but with only moral authority at Biden’s command for now, it is on the nation to unify around the science at hand to control the virus. It starts by treating the simple object of a mask as our momentary American flag. To fight this virus we must be indivisible, where individual liberties must concede to the health of all. If we do not, Inauguration Day will be far grimmer than it should be. Read more >

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Herding People to Slaughter: The Dangerous Fringe Theory behind the Great Barrington Declaration and Push toward Herd Immunity

Officials at the highest levels are discussing the possibility of caving in on controlling the coronavirus and instead letting it run rampant throughout the United States until we reach “herd immunity,” the point where the virus runs out of people to infect. More than 6,200 scientists, health professionals, and research organizations say this is inhumane and have signed a memorandum rejecting herd immunity as a legitimate strategy. Read more >

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Who Do You Trust?: Mobilization, Polarization and the Erosion of Public Expertise

David S. Meyer, author and professor, , UCS

Ideally, experts, including scientists, provide the facts and the voice of the people weighs in on values. In real life, particularly now, it’s become far more complicated, demonstrated most clearly in the dilemmas of leadership in confronting COVID-19. Read more >

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US Census Bureau

Supreme Court Allows Census to Be Cut Short—and Considers Defying 150 Years of Precedent

On Tuesday, October 13, the Supreme Court ruled that the Census Bureau could end the 2020 census count early, marking an abrupt end to a months-long tussle over the Bureau’s census timeline. Then, only a few days later, the Court announced that it would consider the administration’s effort to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census, a move that would defy 150 years of constitutional precedent. Read more >

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U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Ericka A. Woolever

What to Expect at FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting

, Lead science and policy analyst

On Thursday, October 22nd, the Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee will meet to discuss the development of COVID-19 vaccines and the FDA expects tens of thousands of people to attend virtually. I’ve studied and attended a good number of science advisory committee meetings, so I’ve put together some answers to questions you might have in advance of Thursday’s meeting. Read more >

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