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Graphic: US Department of the Interior

Science Wins at the Interior Department

, Research scientist

The Department of the Interior has announced that it will be rescinding an order put in place by the previous administration that sidelined scientific research and its use in the agency’s decisions. Scientists and decisionmakers can now once again bring the best available science to bear on decisions that affect our environment, health, and public lands. Read more >

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Photo: nat693/Adobe Stock

Dubious Advice: Bears Ears, National Park Campgrounds, and the Rise of Captured Committees

, Climate scientist

The advisory committee for Bears Ears National Monument has been criticized for being skewed toward energy interests. The “Made in America” Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee recommends privatizing America’s national parks campgrounds. They both represent a new type of advisory committee designed to give the appearance of impartiality and independent review when they are actually disproportionately stocked with enablers of the administration’s political agenda. Read more >

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Acting BLM Director William Pendley at a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on September 10, 2019. Photo: House Natural Resources Committee/YouTube

Recusal Is Not an Excusal: William Pendley and Conflicts of Interest at the BLM

, director, Center for Science & Democracy

The acting director of the BLM is deeply conflicted, unqualified, and fundamentally opposed to the mission of the agency he is leading. Read more >

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Photo: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Bury the Science, Then Claim It Doesn’t Exist: Interior Department Undermines Arctic Drilling Review

, Senior fellow

Documents released this this week indicate that the Interior Department failed to consider internal memos from staff scientists raising scientific and environmental concerns about proposed oil and gas operations in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. These were not minor concerns; the memos described significant data gaps for understanding the area’s habitat. Read more >

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Photo: US Coast Guard/Wikimedia

Remember the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster? The Trump Administration Wants You to Forget

, Senior fellow

Trump’s Interior Department has been using a secretive ploy to get around offshore drilling safety regulations that were put in place to protect American workers, marine and fishing economies, and the environment. Read more >

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